November 10 - 13, 2020

Sigma Kappa's nationwide Week of Giving occurs each year during the week of November 9, our Founders' Day. It is a time to celebrate our history of sisterhood and service to others. As alumnae members of Sigma Kappa we have the opportunity to do great things. Sometimes great things come in small ways and random acts of kindness. The Week of Giving gives us an opportunity to celebrate our history of sisterhood and service to others by showing our compassion and understanding of one another. Below are a few suggestions that you can do by yourself, with your family, or as a group or chapter.


Join us as we show each other and the community
around us how we live with heart.

Expectations for collegiate chapters have not changed with regard to Week of Giving. Click here for more information (page 16). Sigma Kappa is providing an opportunity for alumnae to also engage in living with heart in their communities. This is also a great chance for collegiate chapters to pair with their alumnae chapter!


Day 1:


  • Swing through the drive-thru of a local business and pick up the tab for the vehicle behind you.
  • Feeling crafty? Make masks to donate. Many hospitals, schools, and other local organizations will accept mask donations, so give one a call to see what they need. Some easy mask-making ideas can be found here.
  • Run a virtual 5k for a good cause! You can look up options here.
  • There are so many great ways to give to the Sigma Kappa Foundation. Remember PULSE: Philanthropic Initiatives, Unrestricted Gifts, Leadership Development, Sisters in Need, and Education. Check out current giving opportunities here.
  • Did you know that the Maine Seacoast Mission has an Amazon Wish List? It can be accessed here.
  • Set up your Amazon Smile account so that every time you purchase something on Amazon, the Sigma Kappa Foundation receives 0.5% of the amount you spent! Follow these steps:
    1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device (mobile phone or tablet)
    2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings'
    3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process


Day 2:

Acts of Kindness

  • With many libraries closed or with limited hours, some members of our community are missing reading different books. Find a Little Free Library in your area, collect books in your home to donate, and fill that library! Find the Little Free Library closest to you here.
  • Know a sister who is a hero? Send them a note of appreciation for what they do! You can find addresses on the members only side of the Sigma Kappa website! While you’re there, update your own information via your profile!
  • Help a teacher in the school district you live in. Many schools are no longer allowing volunteers to enter the building, which means many teachers are without the help they need to keep their classroom functioning at its highest level (especially since many are now teaching in-person AND online at the same time). Reach out to a teacher (or two) you know, or even your local district administration office, to see if you can help cut, fold, paste, stuff folders, etc. from your own home. Be sure to follow safety guidelines related to COVID-19 in your specific school district.



Day 3:


  • Connecting with seniors who are isolated
    • You can write letters, have kids draw pictures, etc. to share with seniors all over the world. Sign up here and you will receive a spreadsheet where you can sign up to send letters to someone.
    • Collegiate members – check out Conversations to Remember. They connect young adults with those higher functioning dementia residents for weekly virtual chats.
  • Close to home: reach out to an elderly neighbor (wear a mask if you are going to knock on their door) to see if they need anything, whether that’s a grocery pickup, a listening ear, someone to mow their lawn, etc. If you have their phone number, give them a call instead of walking over to their home.


Day 4:


  • Alumnae members/chapters
  • Encourage collegians in your area! Send them a care basket or a letter of encouragement.  
  • Have you been thinking about volunteering for Sigma Kappa? There are several volunteer positions available, both local and national. Check out the opportunities here.
  • Some of our sisters are 100% virtual this semester. Check in on them to see if they need anything—from a virtual pep talk to a latte.
  • Cultivate your virtual relationships! There are many ways to build virtual connections, even with people you already know well. Check out the resources on the Founders’ Day page.
  • Send a text to your teacher and first responder sisters letting them know how appreciated they are – sending good vibes all around!




Share your photos with us using the Week of Giving hashtag or send them to


Questions? Contact Lindsey Medenwaldt, director of service.