Convention Celebration FAQs

Who serves as a delegate?

The Bylaws list the following as delegates to convention:

  • Two (2) collegiate members in good standing from each collegiate chapter
  • One (1) alumna advisory board member from each collegiate chapter
  • One (1) alumna member from each house corporation board
  • Up to three (3) alumnae members from each alumnae chapter, based on the total number of members in an alumnae chapter (one delegate for each ten members, with a maximum of three delegates)
  • Each member of national council
  • The delegate and alternate delegates to the National Panhellenic Conference
  • Assistant editors of the Sigma Kappa Triangle
  • All national chairmen
  • Each of the directors.
  • All coordinators.
  • Each of the past national presidents of the Grand Chapter
  • Such other persons as the national convention may designate (typically the members of the Sigma Kappa Foundation board of trustees and Foundation directors, and the officers of the Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation and their coordinators)
What about ritual?

Typically the business meeting would open and close with the ritual elements of a formal chapter business meeting.  Because this meeting will be broadcast on Facebook Live, we will dispense with the ritual elements and with verbal roll call.

What about attire?

Other than members of national council and certain chairmen, attendees will not be on screen. Attendees are encouraged to wear Sigma Kappa attire or badge attire if they are so inclined.


Why should I participate in the district caucus?

The district caucus is your opportunity to elect the next nominating committee – think of it as senior slating for the national organization. 

Will my attendance count at the business meeting count toward my total convention attendance for nominating committee requirements?

Yes, registering as a delegate and attending both the district caucus and the business meeting will count toward the requirement. As a reminder, you must have attended two conventions prior to the one at which you are elected.

What about confirmed conventionite?

Yes,you can count this is a convention attended regardless of if you attend as a registered delegate or simply tune into the business meeting on Facebook live. We will celebrate those who would have been confirmed in 2020 with a special recognition at the 2022 confirmed conventionite banquet.

What happens at the business meeting – why would I watch on Facebook Live?

During the business meeting, the national council for the 2020-2022 biennium will be elected and installed, the Sigma Kappa Foundation Trustees will be announced as well the National Housing Corporation board.  Additionally, the location of the 2022 convention will be shared.

What if I am not a delegate, but want to watch the business meeting?

The business meeting will be live on Facebook! 

How long will the business meeting and district caucus be?

The business meeting and district caucus will each be about one hour long.

How will 2019 awards be presented?

2019 awards will be presented through the summer with an awards celebration! This celebration will kick off our social media presentation of awards that will continue throughout the summer.

Will there be a service project/event occurring even though we are not gathering in person?

While we would love to do a service project together this summer, we are instead going to focus on the amazing things you are individually doing in your communities and celebrate a ‘Summer of Service!’ More information will be shared in July.

Click here to download the full list of Convention  Cancellation FAQs.