Recommend a Member

Sigma Kappa collegiate and alumnae members have the privilege and responsibility to grow our sisterhood by recommending outstanding leaders who share our values of personal growth, friendship, service and loyalty.

Recruitment introduction forms (RIF) are a great way to introduce and recommend or not recommend a potential new member to a Sigma Kappa chapter for membership. A RIF doesn't guarantee a potential new member will receive a bid, but it provides important information about her values and helps our collegiate chapters engage in meaningful conversation during recruitment. 

Sigma Kappa Legacy Policy

Importance of legacies: It is the belief of Sigma Kappa Sorority that our legacies are extremely important to the success of our sorority. When the chapter is determining whom they wish to pledge, the chapter shall give careful consideration to the following relatives/step-relatives of collegiate members and active Sigma Kappa alumnae:

  • Sister
  • Daughter
  • Granddaughter
  • Great Granddaughter
  • Niece

While Sigma Kappa strongly encourages chapters to invite legacies to join our membership, legacy status does not guarantee membership and chapters are not required to pledge legacies.