Day of Service: Saturday, April 9, 2022

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Sigma Kappa members participate in an annual Day of Service each spring in order to provide meaningful service in their own communities. We encourage collegiate chapters, alumnae chapters and all our members at large to model our value of service. 


Day Of Service Community
Make an Impact in your Community
  • Plan a service event and invite other members and friends to participate.
  • Organize a donation drive to pay off school lunch debts for local kids.
  • Host a Mental Health First Aid Training for your campus/community. 
  • Teach an elderly person how to use the computer and navigate the Internet.
  • Volunteer with a local refugee resettlement organziation.
Virtual Service
Virtual Ideas
  • Donate to the 1874 Giving Circle to help support our collegiate members that will need the collegiate emergency grant.
  • Donate to the PULSE fund to help support sisters in need.
  • Contact your elected representatives about local issues.
  • Donate your time and talents remotely to a non-profit organization.
  • Share the "Three in a Row" or "This or That" challenges on social media and get your chapter involved!


Serve & Reflect

This year, we encourage all Sigma Kappas to not only participate in a meaningful act of service with marginalized or underrepresented communities, but to also reflect on the systemic inequities that make such volunteerism needed.

After the activity, ask yourself the following questions or facilitate a discussion among those with whom you volunteered:

  •  Research why the need exists for this particular act of service.

    • What are the root causes?
    • Who is harmed by this issue? Who benefits?
    • What other people or organizations are doing this work?
    • What would it take to effectively enact social change for this community?
    • What can you do with the knowledge you gained today?
  • Learn about the Active Citizen Continuum.
    • Where do you currently sit on this continuum?
    • How can you actively work to move yourself to the next stage?
    • What actions can you take to encourage other's progression?
  • Think about what happens after the photo of your act of service is taken.
    • Will you continue involvement in addressing this issue beyond today?
    • Why or why not?


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Share your experience by using #SKServes on social media or sharing your photos or videos by emailing, We can't wait to see the wonderful works that Sigma Kappas from all over do in their communities! 

We want to hear from you! You can share your ideas and plans to participate virtually in Day of Service by clicking the link below.


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