The Sigma Kappa Foundation seeks nominations for the Board of Trustees. We currently have several openings and each term is four years. The call for nominations and applications is open from November 1 – December 1, 2021. 

The process is simple. Starting Nov. 1, complete the nomination form by submitting a short statement describing the nominee’s qualifications and attributes.  

Should you be personally inspired to serve, and we hope you will be, please skip the nomination step and apply here.  

The Sigma Kappa Foundation board believes in: 

  • the transformative power of philanthropy and of sorority; 

  • the inherent value of each donor;   

  • the critical role of stewarding each gift; 

  • the importance of investing in organizational excellence;  

  • engaging with all our stakeholders to advance our mission; 

  • being a board that reflects the diversity of our membership. 


Further, we believe that the future of Sigma Kappa is inextricably linked to the ability of the Foundation to form lasting philanthropic relationships through each stage of the Sorority experience.   

As a Foundation Board we strive to be leaders and steadfast partners to secure the future of Sigma Kappa. Trustees work collectively to ensure fulfillment of the mission of the Sigma Kappa Foundation – to create and fund leadership, scholarship and philanthropic initiatives that reflect the values and spirit of Sigma Kappa Sorority.  

For the vitality of Sigma Kappa – won’t you please take a moment to think about sisters who are: 

  • Passionate for excellence and possess integrity; 

  • Bold in her ideas for Sigma Kappa; 

  • Engaged in serving and promoting Sigma Kappa; 

  • Entrepreneurial in spirit; 

  • Articulate and credible in her passion for the mission of Sigma Kappa, the Sigma Kappa Foundation, and our sisterhood; and 

  • Purposeful in her follow-through on projects, taking personal responsibility for commitments. 


If unable to use theelectronic recommendation form, a hard copy can be requested by or calling 317-381-5531 and can be returned to:  

Sigma Kappa Foundation 

ATTN: Trustee Nominations 

695 Pro-Med Lane, Suite 300, 

Carmel, IN 46032