27 | The Importance and Effectiveness of Self-Care with Therapist Rachel O’Neill

Posted: 12/02/2019 | 08:12 AM

Today, Sara and Alex are getting the lowdown about a buzzword of the last couple years: self-care. While self-care is something many people probably think they need, often they can get overwhelmed on how to actually do it. They talk with Talkspace therapist Rachel O’Neill about what exactly self-care is, and she shares how self-care isn’t as difficult as you may think, while also providing tips on how you can build a self-care routine for yourself—which doesn’t have to include bubble baths, or it could! 


We also talk about…
  • What does and doesn’t count as self-care
  • Effective boundary setting skills that are important for self-care
  • Barriers to maintaining a self-care routine and how to overcome them
  • If everyone should be engaging in self-care
  • Time and money and how it relates to self-care—it doesn’t need to be expensive
  • A person’s wellbeing, including your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeings
  • How you might feel outside of your comfort zone when you engage in self-care and that’s ok



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