22 | Why Millennials aren't the Worst with Millennial Expert Lindsay Boccardo

Posted: 09/03/2019 | 08:09 AM

In this episode Alex and Sara (both millennials) bring back Lindsay Boccardo (also a millennial) to talk about one of her favorite topics, millennials. It's no secret that millennials have gotten a bad wrap over the years and Lindsay helps us uncover where that comes from. There is no greatest generation and no generation is better than the other, so why do we put labels on each generation? Listen to find out! 


We also talk about...
  • How millennials changed the workforce
  • Why Lindsay felt super awkward in coaching school
  • How other generations can work best with millennials and vice versa
  • The stressors that millennials have and how to overcome them
  • Visualizing your ideal day
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