01 | How Your Attitudes Shape Your Behavior with Lindsay Boccardo

Posted: 01/01/2019 | 08:01 AM

Today, Sara and Alex talk to Lindsay Boccardo, Millennial expert and career coach to get the lowdown about how a person’s attitude shapes their behavior. After graduating from Syracuse University, touring the country in a rock band, leading a staff team of 20 people as a director of keynote, Lindsay figured out where the generational differences broke down and wanted to help employers work best with the generation everyone loves to complain about—Millennials.

In this episode, Lindsay discusses the attitude factory and goes into the psychology of how our attitudes shape our behaviors. She also discusses how we all see the world differently—through different lenses based on the experiences we had throughout childhood…like a period in a text message—do you think that person is being firm with you or just using correct punctuation? She also discusses the five attitudes we will most often find ourselves and others in and how best to work with people while in those attitudes.

We hope this episode leaves you with a better understanding of your own attitudes and a willingness to take control of them so you can feel more positive and better serve yourself and those around you.




We also talk about…
  • The Attitude Factory
  • Behavior modification
  • The relationship sandwich
  • How punishment generally doesn’t work in changing your behaviors
  • Gluten-free breakfast sandwiches
  • That it takes a full 15 seconds for a positive affirmation to stick, but a negative piece of feedback sticks in your mind like Velcro
  • The importance of letting people solve their own problems




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