Life LowDown of Susan Willis

Posted: 04/08/2019 | 08:04 AM

In this bonus episode, Alex and guest co-host Casey Keller, National Housing Corporation executive director, talk with Susan Willis, Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation’s president. They get the lowdown on what it’s like being a manager in the restaurant industry having never been a server or bartender! And because many celebrities call Atlanta home, she’s met quite a few in her time. Additionally, they learn about life as an only child and how Sigma Kappa gave her the sisters she always wanted.


We also talk about…
  • How since Susan works for the best pizza restaurant in Atlanta, she doesn’t eat pizza from anywhere else.
  • Joining a bowling league, and later finding out through her adoption paperwork that bowling was a hobby that her biological father pursued!
  • Her alter ego Betsy.



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