Life LowDown of Olivia Carter

Posted: 03/11/2019 | 08:03 AM

In this bonus episode, Alex and Marlee Jones, extension specialist, get the lowdown of the life of Olivia Carter, the newly re-established Sigma Kappa Alpha Omega Chapter president at the University of Alabama, where the average membership of the sororities on campus are more than 300 women and can be classified as mega chapters. Olivia shares why she chose not to participate in primary sorority recruitment, and even shares how she decided at the last minute to give Sigma Kappa a chance. She was actually the extension team’s last personal visit (don’t worry, we talk about what a personal visit is!), and our director of collegiate services left her interview saying she would be the next Alpha Omega Chapter president!


We also talk about…
  • The process of establishing a new chapter—Alabama’s extension took more than two years!
  • What a personal visit is
  • The power of Panhellenic and sisterhood
  • How Olivia made a point to make genuine connections with many of her sisters—which can be hard when there are hundreds of members in your chapter!
  • The sense of responsibility Olivia feels in laying the groundwork and ensuring Alpha Omega’s success and viability in the years to come




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