Life LowDown of Nicole Green

Posted: 12/16/2019 | 08:12 AM

In this Life LowDown, Alex and Sara get the lowdown on the life of lifestyle blogger Nicole Green, who considers herself more of a blogger than an influencer. Nicole talks about how she decided to go into blogging full-time, as well as one tip she uses to determine what clothes to buy. Additionally, being multiracial, Nicole talks about her struggle with racial identity growing up, as well as the lack of diversity and inclusion we see in the blogging and influencer industry today and how she speaks out about it.


We also talk about...
  • Moving across the country
  • Being a member of a Sigma Kappa chapter that closed during her freshman year
  • Diversity and inclusion in the fashion and blogging world
  • How Nicole went on a date with someone who was on My Super Sweet 16 



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