Life LowDown of Kellie Bray

Posted: 08/12/2019 | 08:08 AM

In this Life LowDown, Alex and, guest co-host, Sarah Eller get the lowdown on the life of a Sigma Kappa who grew up on a farm, has been active in FFA since high school and currently works in the agriculture industry. Kellie Bray talks about growing up on her family’s farm, nerding out about parliamentary procedure and why she is so passionate about agriculture. Addtionally, they talk about growing up with an identical twin, who is also a Sigma Kappa, and how similar they are even as adults. Finally, Kelly gives her thoughts on being present in a world full of technology and how important human interaction is.


We also talk about…
  • Her recent award
  • Nerding out about parliamentary procedure
  • Why she didn’t think she would be a sorority woman
  • The background behind the title Lobbyist



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