Life LowDown of Jennifer Rainey

Posted: 06/10/2019 | 08:06 AM

In this bonus episode, Alex and guest co-host Sarah (she’s back!) get the life lowdown of Jennifer Rainey, a systems engineer, avid traveler and Sigma Kappa’s national vice president for finance. Jennifer shares stories about how she and her husband met in “Cube Land” at her first post-graduate job in Idaho, how they decided to adopt their son and how just quickly he became a part of the family (they found out they had been matched less than 24 hours before he was born!), and some of the unique places the three of them have traveled recently.


We also talk about...
  • Disney cruises, and why you might want to take one even if you don’t have kids

  • Finance--if Jennifer wasn’t a systems engineer, she would be an accountant!

  • Moving cross-country from Washington to Virginia Beach

  • Transatlantic cruises from Florida to Portugal and Spain

  • What exactly a systems engineer does and some of the projects she’s most proud of



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