Life LowDown of Angela Guillory

Posted: 02/17/2020 | 08:02 AM

In this episode, Sara and Alex bring Angela Guillory (Sister G) back on the podcast to learn more about this amazing past national president. Angela talks about how she had never intended to join a sorority and even talked her friend out of going through recruitment. She also talks about her family and how important family is to her. Sister G is a storyteller by nature and has some of the best stories. You don’t want to miss this episode.


We also talk about…
  • Where the nickname ‘Sister G’ comes from
  • Her first recruitment event: BYOBanana
  • Being a leadership consultant for three months
  • Who she considers her family
  • How the death of Max Gruber has affected her
  • Why you won't find Angela on social media



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