08 | Navigating a Drama Triangle with Career Expert and HR Consultant Lauren Moffatt

Posted: 03/18/2019 | 08:03 AM

This week, Sara and Alex are getting the lowdown of navigating relationships with coworkers with career expert and HR consultant Lauren Moffatt. Lauren goes into detail describing the drama triangle and the roles of each of the participants (the victim, the rescuer and the villain).



We also talk about…
  • Coaching school
  • Real drama triangles Lauren, Alex and Sara have all dealt with
  • How to know if your well-intentioned actions to assist a coworker in dealing with a tough situation with another coworker is actually helping or hurting
  • How we deal with conflict differently depending on our generation
  • Relational wealth a.k.a. the importance of networking (Seriously! It’s important! Check out this podcast for more.)



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