03 | Promoting Diversity & Inclusion in Your Personal and Professional Life with Amy Waninger

Posted: 01/21/2019 | 11:01 AM

Today, Sara and Alex are talking to Amy Waninger, diversity and inclusion expert, author of Beyond Bias, and founder and CEO of Lead At Any Level, a consulting agency that works with organizations to build strong leaders. Amy got her start as a software developer and has spent more than a decade in the insurance industry. She is serving a three-year term on the CPCU Society’s Diversity & Inclusion committee. And while working as a senior manager in a Fortune 100 Company, she served on the national leadership team for their LGBTQ+ Employee Resource Group and an enterprise-wide council to engage men as allies.

In this episode, Amy discusses the difference between diversity and inclusion, because although often grouped together, these concepts have different significances—both of equal importance. Amy also discusses how an individual comes to understand his or her own values, which are not necessarily a structure of good vs bad, but one priority over another, which in turn help to uncover and overcome our own unconscious bias.

We hope this episode leaves you wanting to be more inclusive both in your professional and personal life. And that you will feel more comfortable speaking up when confronted with exclusion, whether for yourself or someone else.



We also talk about…
  • Amy’s three-step model for overcoming your unconscious bias
  • Your physical pause button
  • Actionable ways to be more inclusive
  • Preventing exclusion
  • How to be more vulnerable, open and authentic



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