24 | Compassionate Courage in the #MeToo Era with Therapist Dr. Karmen Smith

Posted: 09/30/2019 | 08:09 AM

Today, Sara and Alex are getting the lowdown on compassionate courage from Talkspace therapist Dr. Karmen Smith. Karmen talks about her own experiences with being seen as a sexual object by men and how she has learned to be loving and protective of herself and her body and how she developed the courage to advocate for herself and others. Karmen also discusses how the #MeToo movement has been significant in giving women a platform to speak out on.


We also talk about…
  • How when you are insecure, you don’t have courage
  • That the byproduct of compassion is courage
  • Tips for practicing compassion with yourself
  • Different ways to speak out if you are experience sexism over yourself or someone else





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