09 | Interview Prep with Career Coach Jessica Smith

Posted: 04/01/2019 | 08:04 AM

This week, Sara and Alex are getting the lowdown of preparing for a job interview from career coach Jessica Smith. They learn about how to prepare for the who, the what, and the why, and also learn how to prepare physically and mentally. 

Jessica gives actionable tips that you can do today to help with any interview you have coming up. As a tech recruiter, she not only shares stories of interviews she’s had but also conducted, and you’ll finish the podcast ready to rock your next job interview.


We also talk about…
  • What else you should bring to the interview besides your resume.
  • The biggest misstep people make in the career search process.
  • The weird questions you might be asked—like what emoji would you be? Seriously, it’s been asked before!
  • Why you should look up the interviewer on LinkedIn prior to the interviewer—and why it’s ok that they’ll get a notification that you viewed their profile.
  • Reading between the lines of a job description.
  • Essential oils that may help calm you before your interview.
  • The two elevator speeches you should have and why.
  • Thank you cards—should you send a physical one or an email?





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