We need our Sigma Kappa sisters now more than ever.  Sisterhood isn’t just about perusing Sigma Kappa social media, going on trips or retreats, attending chapter meetings or alumnae events, wearing our letters proudly, reading the Sigma Kappa Triangle or posting pictures online (although these are all important parts of being a Sigma Kappa!). Sisterhood means reaching out to a sister you haven’t heard from in a while. It’s about making every member feel loved, valued and included. It’s about hanging on tightly to one another during the tough times so we can rejoice in the good times -- with no one left behind. Sigma Kappa is a strong sisterhood built on authentic friendships. Now and always, let our sisterhood be our guiding force.


“We are all sisters together which means we are bound by the strong tie of friendship and loyalty to each other and to Sigma Kappa.”
-Violet Warren, 1933


Belonging in Sigma Kappa

Every single one of our members should feel a sense of belonging in Sigma Kappa. Our members will fall in love with these new interactive resources that provide a truly authentic conversation about the difference between belonging and simply fitting in. With these resources, members will learn more about themselves and one another. The best part - all activities are only 20 to 30 minutes! Go check them out here!


Connecting with Chapter Alumnae

Now more than ever, we want our collegiate chapters to build connections with their chapter alumnae. The alumnae experience is full of opportunity for sisters. While using a Facebook group seems simple enough (and it is), check out these new guides to help your chapter strategically reach your alumnae in fun and creative ways! Hint: VPARs and PR chairman should find these really useful.


Live with Heart Facilitator Program

Sigma Kappa’s Live with Heart Facilitator Team is going virtual! While our amazing facilitator team is not going to physically travel to chapters for the 2020-2021 academic year, we are excited to continue to offer their support virtually in an updated format. To learn more, click here and locate the Live with Heart Facilitator Team section. This is a phenomenal program that so many of our chapters have experienced. Get your chapter on our list for fall 20


The Dove Connection will be back for summer 2021!