Sigma Kappa Stories

Order of Omega Initiates

Posted: 08/04/2016 | 10:08 AM

Congratulations to all of the Sigma Kappa members who were initiated into Order of Omega during the 2015-2016 academic year! 

Established in 1959, Order of Omega is an undergraduate honor society that recognizes fraternity men and women who have attained a high standard of leadership in inter-fraternity activities. To date, Order of Omega has established over 550+ collegiate chapters across the United States and Canada and has initiated over 225,000 members.

Shannon Miller Albright College
Katherine Wagenmann Albright College
Morgan Andrews Angelo State University
Lauren Nowlin Angelo State University
Erica Smith Angelo State University
Kristin E. Agee Appalachian State University
Caroline M. Blackman Appalachian State University
Emily P. Brown Appalachian State University
Kalah Anderson Bradley University
Kaylee Karumanchi Bradley University
Gabyy Dheming California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Elizabeth Portillo California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Jessica Shahad California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Erica Tang California State Polytechnic University Pomona
Caitlin Mantovani California State University, Fullerton
Hailey Herbers California State University, Fullerton
Jordan Marendino California State University, Fullerton
Joslynn Palomo California State University, Fullerton
Lauren Thomas California State University, Fullerton
Patricia Quadra California State University, Fullerton
Erica Cordts California State University, Fullerton
Natalie Pascua California State University, Fullerton
Kelsey F. Baumgardner California University of Pennsylvania
Elizabeth Moore California University of Pennsylvania
Melanie Aycock Clemson University
Weslyn Bunn Clemson University
Kayla Davis Clemson University
Sarah Jane Petruccuani Clemson University
Kelly Ryan Clemson University
CJ Shepard Clemson University
Mikayla Elizabeth Roach Coastal Carolina University
Meghan Ann Voyack Coastal Carolina University
Eden Louise Halevy Coastal Carolina University
Ashlyn Inman Coastal Carolina University
Libby Booton Colorado School of Mines
Katherine Decker Colorado School of Mines
Lindsey Hart Colorado School of Mines
Tabitha Kalin Colorado School of Mines
Kari L. Gamble Culver-Stockton College
Tyler A. Frump Culver-Stockton College
Kathryn S. Hodge Culver-Stockton College
Miranda R. Raevsky Culver-Stockton College
Katherine A. Johnson Culver-Stockton College
Carly Koza Duquesne University
Tori Andrews Duquesne University
Jenn Ellinghausen Eastern Illinois University
Morgan Molitor Eastern Illinois University
Kendall Willis Eastern Illinois University
Jo Brown Elon University
Abigail Peabody Elon University
Molly Stine Elon University
Veronica Alba Florida International University
Kallee Davisson Florida International University
Frances Iturrioz Florida International University
Stephanie Morris Florida International University
Maria Paula Murillo Florida International University
Veronica Regueiro Florida International University
Alejandra Pages Florida International University
Alexa Valdes Florida International University
Amanda Dilena George Washington University
Ashley Farrington Indiana State University
Ashley Dehaan Iowa State University
Hailee Miller Iowa State University
Shelby Sperlich Iowa State University
Christina Paulson Iowa State University
Jenna Wyrick Kansas State University
Samantha Greig Kansas State University
Allison Doll Kansas State University
Allison McMlendon Kansas State University
Mackenzie Thrush Kansas State University
Madison Williams Kansas State University
Emily Zosia Hutchins Lenoir-Rhyne University
Cassidy Glover Longwood University
Dana Diamond Longwood University
Rachel Danielle Ruff Louisiana Tech University
Hannah Elizabeth Underwood Louisiana Tech University
Jacquelyn Natalie Alfandre Louisiana Tech University
Demi Alexandra Sandel Louisiana Tech University
Maggie Elizabeth McAdams Louisiana Tech University
Pauline K. Clarchick Marietta College
Kathryn Best Marquette University
Natalie O'Toole Marquette University
Anne Cullum Marquette University
Kacie Miller Marquette University
Brandi Reid Midwestern State University
Tiffany Segler Midwestern State University
Destiny Zynda Midwestern State University
Jessica Wydrzynski Missouri State University
Regan Schultz Missouri State University
Cecelia Dickey Missouri State University
Brooke Schaefer Missouri State University
Bailey Becker Missouri State University
Samara Knuckley North Carolina State University
Jenna Pennock North Carolina State University
Mary Clayton Shearer North Carolina State University
Emily Chen Northeastern University
Megan Gilmore Northeastern University
Madison Foxx Northwest Missouri State University
Alison Hanner Northwest Missouri State University
Emma Kleopfer Northwest Missouri State University
Meagan Rush Ohio University
Alicson Saneda Ohio University
Frances Slotnick Ohio University
Catherine Mays Oregon State University
Lauren Coe Oregon State University
Meg Marchand Oregon State University
Morgan McCarthy Oregon State University
Lauren Earthman Pennsylvania State University
Catherine Uricoli Pennsylvania State University
Morgan Clare Pennsylvania State University
Brittany Harlow Radford University
Ashley Finello Robert Morris University
Madison Clark Robert Morris University
Gabriela Gabbidon Rutgers University
Jennifer Pace Rutgers University, New Brunswick
Christina Dojan Spring Hill College
Alexis Mynio SUNY Geneseo
Kelsey McGrail SUNY Geneseo
Nina Wahl SUNY Geneseo
Alexandra Mallette SUNY Geneseo
Megan Sheehan SUNY Geneseo
Allison Shields SUNY Geneseo
Julianne Episcopo SUNY Geneseo
Katherine Jerabeck SUNY Geneseo
Allison Dupree Susquehanna University
Rebecca Rentschler Susquehanna University
Erin Arnim Texas Christian University
Marty Boughton Texas Christian University
Ryan Emily Delahunt Texas Christian University
Sarah Doherty Texas Christian University
Samantha Forshaw Texas Christian University
Erin Gillette Texas Christian University
Madison Ladd Texas Christian University
Clara Ladisic Texas Christian University
Lauren Nelson Texas Christian University
Savannah Olson Texas Christian University
Leigh Parrish Texas Christian University
Ali Rafetto Texas Christian University
Katie Thompson Texas Christian University
Jordyn Wells Texas Christian University
Grace Weselak Texas Christian University
Karis Finch Texas Tech University
Natalie Principato The College of New Jersey
Morgan Gibbons The College of New Jersey
Faith Hrdy The College of New Jersey
Angela Kapsaskis The College of New Jersey
Jency Boyce The George Washington University
Marina Kanakos The George Washington University
Mary Kate Kosciusko The George Washington University
Rachel Naugle The George Washington University
Sabrina Langer University of Arizona
Kelsey Baez University of Arizona
Alexandra Forster University of Arizona
Madison Brodsky University of Arizona
Allison Huber University of Arizona
Christiana Duarte University of Arizona
Jordan Gaylor University of Arizona
Shelby Dolgaard University of Arizona
Kimia Akhavein University of California, Irvine
Rachell Corpuz University of California, Riverside
Melissa Vargas University of California, Riverside
Verna Chan University of California, Riverside
Campbell Davis University of Central Arkansas
Cheyenne Beene University of Central Arkansas
Ashley Garrard University of Central Missouri
Michelle Milvain University of Florida
Rachel Gordon University of Florida
Samantha Kaszubski University of Florida
Taylor Higgins University of Florida
Ashley Dietz University of Georgia
Barbara Bradfield University of Georgia
Elise Joyce University of Georgia
Isabel Carvallo University of Georgia
Julia Oden University of Georgia
Kate Cushman University of Georgia
Nicole Negri University of Georgia
Nikki Bevilacqua University of Georgia
Nina Verstandig University of Georgia
Sonika Lakhwani University of Georgia
Taylor Haynes University of Georgia
Camille Bauer University of Georgia
Chelsea Parsons University of Georgia
Annalise Anderson University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Paulina Burgoa University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Megan Kastner University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Melanie Mesker University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Margaret Wolfe University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Rachel Stewart University of La Verne
Lindsey Ackerman University of Louisville
Courtney Albers University of Louisville
Alexis Delaney University of Louisville
Cynthia Turner University of Louisville
Allyson Hall University of Louisville
Elizabeth Herp University of Louisville
Kathryn Shannon University of Maryland
Summer Legambi University of Maryland
Alexandra Kramer University of Maryland, College Park
Kaitlyn Silk University of Maryland, College Park
Alexandria Casazza University of Nevada Reno
Olivia Moore University of Nevada Reno
Adrianna Koren Lochner University of New Orleans
Yahav Avraham-Katz University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jamie Baker University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Victoria Buff University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Clara Johnson University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Kathleen Markley University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Marianna Rojas Abinader University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Rhiannon L. Campbell University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Amy T. Cortes University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Shanna M. Cronley University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Meagan Kate Dugan University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Laurel E. Idol University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Jamie A. Smith University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Courtney R. Viars University of North Carolina at Charlotte
Charlotte Alvarez University of Northern Colorado
Brooke Unger University of Northern Colorado
Anne Yilmaz University of Oregon
Claire Song University of Pennsylvania
Caroline Van Allen University of Pennsylvania
Rhiannon Miller University of Pennsylvania
Kelly Whitcomb University of Rhode Island
Julia Pesci University of Rhode Island
Elizabeth Mittan University of Virginia
Kolby Howerter University of Virginia
Charlotte Zhao University of Washington
Ashley Nicole Buckner University of West Georgia
Holly Steele Virginia Tech
Stella Thai Virginia Tech
Molly Rigdon Washington State University
Taylor Heppner Washington State University
Sierra Windsor Washington State University
Kelly Presta Washington State University
Allie Nunn Washington State University
Jeanan Hyat Washington State University
Samantha Croney Washington State University
Meghan Dillon Western Kentucky University
Scarlet Cockell Western Michigan University
Chelsey Harmon Western Michigan University
Sarah Carr Western Michigan University
Emily Sandstrom Western Michigan University