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In late 2020, Sigma Kappa appointed a history task force to research, document, and acknowledge Sigma Kappa’s history as it relates to organizational discriminatory behavior and practices, as well as our historical steps toward inclusion. ​This issue of the  contains the report of that task force, which discusses Sigma Kappa's history from our founding until today and details some painful episodes in Sigma Kappa's past, as well as points of pride for our organization and ways Sigma Kappa is making amends. It is important to bring these issues into the open so that we can learn, grow, and avoid repeating the mistakes of the past on our journey to becoming a more inclusive organization. 

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National council has sent belated apology letters to the alumnae of Omicron, Alpha Eta and Alpha Zeta chapters whose addresses we have on file at NHQ. National council is deeply sorry for our refusal to take a stand against discrimination alongside these chapters and also regrets that our apology has lingered for so long. These letters are linked below for all those who would like to read them.

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