Make plans now for your chapter to attend the Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC)!  

After a yearlong hiatus from in-person events, Sigma Kappa is shifting our regional conference model from officer education to focus solely on emerging leader education. These updated conferences will be called our Emerging Leaders Conferences (ELCs). The ELC experience will focus on leadership and personal skill development in an institute model meant exclusively for collegiate members who have never held a leadership position before, or who are in their first elected position within the chapter. Through a mix of general sessions and small cohort groups led by trained facilitators, attendees will learn more about leadership skills and how they can be used, both in their chapters and in everyday situations. 

Chapters may elect or select four to six attendees to attend the ELCs in 2022, with registration beginning in November 2021Advisory board supervisors and other chapter volunteers will not attend the ELCsChapters will be responsible for a per person registration fee, and all travel to and from the conference location.  

Who Should Attend?

Since the focus of this conference is on emerging leaders, collegiate chapters should send first time officers, or members who have not held officer positions. Freshman and sophomore members of the chapter are the intended audience. There will be no training or education related to officer roles at this conference. Collegiate officers will receive virtual Nuts and Bolts sessions in December 2021. The ELC weekend will focus on the topics listed in the overview, with an emphasis on relating it to one’s overall personal leadership journey.

Registration Information

Registration closed on Nov. 28. The chapter must select who is attending, and have enough time for those individuals to complete registration by the deadline. The registration link will be available on this website page on November 8.

All collegiate chapters should select a minimum of four attendees. However, if chapter budget allows, collegiate chapters may send up to six attendees.

Collegiate chapters should use the Letter of Intent - ELC, for all interested individuals to submit their interest in attending. Chapters should self-select a date for when all letters need to be submitted by. We encourage upper classmen to reach out to individuals they think are future leaders and suggest they submit a letter of intent. Once all are received, they should be distributed for the chapter to review. At the next formal chapter meeting, a vote should be conducted to select the attendees.

Please also be aware that all attendees at the ELCs will need to be fully vaccinated against the COVID-19 virus and show proof of that vaccination status when arriving on site to the ELC.


Curriculum Overview

The primary focus of the Emerging Leaders Conference is to dive into the concept of belonging as core to personal and group development. Through an integration of leadership theories, reflective activities, and leadership “toolkit” resources, attendees will explore interrelated topics including: belonging; fitting in; diversity, equity and inclusion; imposter syndrome; authentic leadership; CliftonStrengths; giving and receiving feedback; inclusive leadership; resilience; goal setting; sisterhood; facilitation; group dynamics; and personal development.

Attendees will experience sessions in a small cohort model with two facilitators, along with large group sessions lead by the two co-lead facilitators. The ELC experience begins on Friday and wraps up Sunday morning.

Friday is spent introducing attendees to the nature and goals of the cohorts, setting the tone for engagement in cohort and general sessions, and introducing the theme for the weekend.

On Saturday, participants will explore authenticity and vulnerability as cohorts, while connecting those ideas back to belonging. In the general sessions, authentic leadership and imposter syndrome with a focus on CliftonStrengths will be discussed. Participants will reflect on intention versus impact, giving and receiving feedback, and how everything discussed thus far contributes to a framework for inclusive leadership as cohorts before concluding the day with an evening sisterhood event.

To wrap up the experience on Sunday, the primary goal will be to connect the dots and leave with a plan for action. As cohorts, participants will focus on setting personal goals and developing a plan for continued leadership development. The ABCs of Resilience will be introduced to add one final tool to their leadership toolkit. The final general session will include highlights of the experience and a challenge to continue to lead authentically in pursuit of belonging.

Chapter Location Assignments
We are excited to welcome back our Emerging Leader Conference, our in-person winter regional leadership conferences in 2022. Take a look at the location your chapter has been assigned. If your chapter has conflicts with the location or dates assigned, please fill out our conflict form as soon as possible. Registration opens November 8!

Additional Information

For questions about the content or schedule of the ELCs, please contact Mary Phillips Carlson, director of educational programs, at For information on travel or registration, please contact Gina Farrar, meeting and events specialist, at