Ruth Rysdon Miller for Excellence in Panhellenic Relations Award

Ruth Rysdon Miller was a 1946 alumna initiate of Theta Chapter. She held many positions such as chairman of the nominating procedures committee, assistant Convention chairman, counselor and NPC delegate. She is a past national president and served on the past presidents committee. Her daughter, Linda, is a Sigma Kappa. Ruth died in March 1994.

Recognizes a collegiate chapter for service in their college Panhellenic during the award year.


Beta Tau, University of Florida

There is a lot going on in this campus community, and the Panhellenic delegate did a great job keeping everyone looped in. She did quite a bit of communicating back and forth when various changes were proposed to documents. The Panhellenic delegate consistently communicated with her Panhellenic coordinator and other advisors via email and phone. A whopping 24 members have a leadership role in Panhellenic or are on committees. They led/managed 10 events for the community, including several sisterhood-type events with other Panhellenic chapters. The Panhellenic delegate hosted two educational sessions, one for new members and one for all members, about how to get involved in Panhellenic and its role. The chapter participated in five philanthropic events.


Honorable Mentions

  • Kappa Omega, Northeastern University

  • Kappa Eta, Texas Christian University

  • Theta Eta, University of Nevada Las Vegas