Colby Award Winners

The Colby Award, named in honor of Colby College where Sigma Kappa was founded in 1874, is presented at each national convention to Sigma Kappa alumnae in recognition of their career achievements. Nominees for this award must be nationally known in their area of expertise. For this reason, the Colby Award is the highest honor bestowed upon alumnae members by the national organization. Fields considered include but are not limited to: arts, literature, public service, business, industry, education, science and athletics. 

National council of Sigma Kappa is seeking nominations from initiated members, collegiate chapters and alumnae chapters for this award. Please submit the nomination form to national headquarters, including a recent photograph of the nominee, letter of recommendation and any supportive articles and publications.


Colby Award Recipients


Kelly Harrison, Epsilon Alpha, Lenoir-Rhyne University - Field of Law Enforcement
Jane Sinclair Hilk, Theta, University of Illinois - Field of Business



Corinne Brinkerhoff, Delta Theta, Truman State University - Field of Entertainment and Television
Dr. Cynda Crawford, DVM, Ph. D., Gamma Phi, North Carolina State University - Field of Veterinary Medicine
Dr. Tisa Johnson Mason, Ed.D., Epsilon Kappa, Transylvania University - Field of Higher Education
Dr. Lou Anna K. Simon, Ph.D., Gamma Gamma, Indiana State University - Field of Higher Education
Dr. Lori S. White, Ph.D., Lambda, University of California-Berkeley - Field of Higher Education



Glennon Doyle Melton, Delta Rho, James Madison University - Field of Communication and Mass Media
Janice Jacobs, Gamma Kappa, Southern Illinois University Carbondale - Field of Government
Martha Van Steenderen, Psi, University of Wisconsin - Field of Athletics



Dr. Carolyn Wilson Bartlett, Gamma Gamma, Indiana State University - Field of Higher Education
Brigadier General Linda S. Marchione, Tau, Indiana University - Field of Public Service
Traci D. Sooter, Delta Upsilon, Missouri State University - Field of Architecture, Construction Management and Education



Cheryl Stanton Bachelder, Tau, Indiana University - Field of Business
Nancy Brown Bicket, Eta, Illinois Wesleyan University - Field of Information Systems and Technology
Sandra Tauberg Bartley Hess, Alpha Sigma, Westminster College - Field of Business



Sharilyn Smith Gasaway, Beta Epsilon, Louisiana Tech University - Field of Business
Debbie Neinast Harris, Gamma Iota, Texas Tech University - Field of Science & Education
Beverly Reid O'Connell, Alpha Omicron, University of California, Los Angeles - Field of Law & Justice
Carolyn Caudell Tieger, Epsilon Epsilon, University of Georgia - Field of Public Relations
Karyn Nishimura Sneath, Delta Sigma, Western Illinois University - Field of Higher Education



Cheryll McLaughlin Adams, Epsilon Epsilon, The University of Georgia - Field of Education
Dr. Patricia Frisby Galloway, Beta Sigma, Purdue University- Field of Engineering
Judie Lipsett Hughes, Zeta Kappa, Angelo State University- Field of Technology
Celeste Knierim, Delta Theta, Truman State University- Field of Athletics
Jennifer Marie Sloan, Epsilon Epsilon, The University of Georgia - Field of Public Service



Myra Morgan, Beta Tau, University of Florida - Student Affairs



Tara Stephenson, Zeta Omicron, The University of Arizona - Arts



Joyce Furrey Conner, Beta Upsilon, Ohio University - Volunteer Administration
Marjorie Peace Lenn, Epsilon Kappa, Transylvania University - Education



Theresa Shank Grentz, Theta, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign - Athletics
Dr. Suzanne Gordon, Delta Tau, University of Central Arkansas - Education



Karin Spencer Haspell, Gamma Theta, California State University, Long Beach - Business, Technology, & Science
Marcia Milby Ridings, Alpha Chi, Georgetown College - Public Service
Debra Amidon, Delta, Boston University - Technology Management
Sarah Ragle Weddington, Zeta Nu, The University of Texas, San Antonio - Public Service



Sondra Chase Shaw-Hardy, Alpha Tau, Michigan State University - Public Service & Philanthropy
Kathlyn Reed, Xi, The University of Kansas - Occupational Therapy
Audrey Noiske Grosch, Alpha Eta, University of Minnesota - Sports & Computer Science
Dr. Sharon Haddon Andelora, Alpha Lambda, Adelphi University - Education



Dr. Patricia Jarboe Buchanan, Beta Sigma, Purdue University - Education
Dr. Jean Samuelson Elder, Alpha Mu, University of Michigan - Education & Public Service
Dr. Dorys Crow Grover, Upsilon, Oregon State University - Education
Linda Ellis Jennett, Sigma, Southern Methodist University - Environmental Engineering
Karen Zander, Eta, Illinois Wesleyan University - Nursing/ Science



Mary Korstad Engholm, Alpha Omicron, University of California, Los Angeles - Education & Art History
Beverly McGinnis Lowe, Delta Rho, James Madison University - Dietetics and Child Nutrition
Joan Reagin McNeill-Murray, Alpha Theta, University of Louisville - Volunteerism
Karen Malinka Powel, Epsilon Lambda, California State University, Sacramento - Business Professional & Science
Nancy Woolf, Alpha Omicron, University of California, Los Angeles - Research & Science



Carole Amick, Alpha Epsilon, Iowa State University - Politics
Margaret Andrew, Chi, The Ohio State University - Science & Technology
Fay Burnett, Sigma, Southern Methodist University - Nutrition
Lynn Fox Nafziger, Alpha Theta, University of Louisville - Education
Suzanne Faulkner Schimke, Alpha Omicron, University of California, Los Angeles - Engineering
Margaret Chase Smith, Alpha, Colby College - Politics & Education



Lillian Peterson Budd, Theta, University of Illinois at Urbana - Champaign - Author
Joan Norbut O'Byrne, Lambda, University of California, Berkeley - Law
Dr. Elizabeth Landymore Smith, Epsilon Omicron, Texas State University - Psychology



Rhea Seddon Gibson, Lambda, University of California, Berkeley - Medicine & Space Exploration
Joan Howard, Xi, The University of Kansas - Archives
Kathleen Larey Lewton, Eta, Illinois Wesleyan University - Public Relations