Barbara Fenters Outstanding Corporation Board Award

The Barbara Fenters Outstanding Corporation Board award pays tribute to one of the leading founders of the NHC and honors the one corporation board that best exemplifies the mission, vision and values of the NHC. 


Kappa Eta Corporation Board, Texas Christian University



2017 was a long year of transition for the Kappa Eta corporation board. The leadership of the board changed. The house changed. The furnishings changed. The residents changed. However, this board of directors took change management to a new level. They embraced each change with a willingness and vigor to ensure that change would positively impact the member’s experience while developing the skill sets of the alumnae volunteers.

The core values that drive the work of all housing volunteers were put into practice by this corporation board. Tested by a major university-housing project, the board did not falter in a single area:

Communication: strong lines of communication were open and utilized consistently throughout this project. Communication with members, alumnae, and university officials allowed for collaborative decisions to be made.

Safe and attractive accommodations: to the extent that the university allowed, the board engaged the membership in the decision making process for finishes, upgrades, color pallets, and functional furnishings.

Volunteer participation and development: alumnae members were relied upon to provide project assistance and operational support. Just because there is a project does not mean all of the other duties of a board are put on hiatus. The board managed to meet and exceed all of the benchmarks set forth for outstanding operational and governance management of the corporation.

Fiscal Responsibility: foresight and due diligence on budget management allowed this board to enter into and bring to final completion a major housing project without accruing debt.