Outstanding Alumnae Communication Award

Recognizing the most outstanding alumnae communications program

  • Communication pieces (hardcopy or electronic) that support Sigma Kappa’s current visual identity
  • Design and implement a multi-platform communication plan for the chapter (frequency and effectiveness of communication pieces to be considered)
  • Communication plan should utilize ongoing and active public relations program in the areas of collegiate chapter relations, alumnae Panhellenic relations, recognition of outstanding achievements of individual members, and local media coverage for a special project or event
  • Contribution to the Sigma Kappa Triangle including newsworthy material and quality photos

Application: Copies of all communication to membership sent to the alumnae district director in the annual report. Material may include (but is not limited to) newsletters, e-newsletters, emails, invitations, blogs, website and social media.

Judged By: Alumnae district directors with review by the director of alumnae chapter management, alumnae public relations coordinator, and the national vice president for alumnae and national vice president for communication and final approval given by national council.

Award: A certificate and monetary award to be used for chapter events or philanthropic endeavors.


Greater Louisville Alumnae Chapter

Greater Louisville uses a variety of media platforms to communicate with existing and potential members, including Facebook, e-newsletters sent via mail chimp, and its website. The programming calendar is posted to all three platforms and updated on a regular basis. The chapter sends a quarterly newsletter to all members and encourages the VPARs for Zeta Alpha, Alpha Chi, and Alpha Theta to post their newsletters in its Facebook group, and it distributes the collegiate chapter newsletters through its MailChimp database, which is updated when new zip code directories are circulated. 


Honorable Mentions

  • Atlanta Alumnae Chapter 
  • Chicago Northwest Towns Alumnae Chapter 
  • European Alumnae Chapter 
  • Houston Alumnae Chapter 
  • New York City Alumnae Chapter