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Our New Strategic Plan

Sigma Kappa is pleased to present its 2020-2023 Strategic Plan, focused on becoming a strategic leader in the Sorority community; modeling a diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible membership experience among women’s fraternal organizations; and modernizing the alumnae and collegiate membership experience to provide relevant engagement opportunities for all members. Click here to learn more.


The Sigma Kappa Triangle
Stay up-to-date on everything Sigma Kappa. The Sigma Kappa Triangle, published quarterly, is the official magazine of Sigma Kappa Sorority. Read the latest issue or look back at the archive. There is always something new to read about!
The LowDown Podcast
A podcast recorded at Sigma Kappa National Headquarters that focuses on topics like health, wellness, fraternity and sorority community, higher education, and life skills that women need in all stages of their lives. Listen here!
Each year, Sigma Kappa alumnae and collegiate chapters and corporations are presented with awards based on the success and reporting of their activities. Check out the awards page to see all of the awards Sigma Kappa presents or to check to see if your chapter won an award this year.
Sigma Kappa understands everyone needs someone to talk to at times, but for on-the-go college students with various academic and extracurricular responsibilities, it can sometimes be hard to find time to get help. Because we are dedicated to the wellness of our members, Sigma Kappa has partnered with Talkspace to provide personal, convenient and confidential online counseling to our collegiate members.

National/Regional Events


Happening every other year, national conventions give Sigma Kappa members the chance to come together and make bold decisions about the future of our sorority. These national events feature purposeful educational and developmental opportunities, the chance to reconnect to our Ritual, and a variety of experiences that empower our members to live with heart.

Emerging Leaders Conference

Sigma Kappa understands the importance of providing our collegiate chapter officers and advisors with opportunities to develop their leadership skills and group dynamics. Click here for more information.



Local Events

National Council Meetings

National council holds video meetings on the third Monday of every month. If you have agenda items you wish to be discussed, please submit those to the national vice president of communication at

Connect Events

Are you ready to have some fun Sigma Kappa style? Do you need a night out with your sisters? Come connect with us in a city near you. 

In spring 2019, Sigma Kappa will be traveling to cities throughout the country to host unique events for our alumnae members. Louisville and Oklahoma City, we are headed your way! Come spend the evening with us reconnecting with Sigma Kappa, chatting it up with new friends, and remembering what Sigma Kappa is all about – FUN! 

We can’t wait to #SKConnect with you!