Connect your legacy with Sigma Kappa! By signing your legacy up for the Legacy Link, you are connecting your legacy to the sisterhood of Sigma Kappa at an early age and introducing our values: personal growth, friendship, service, and loyalty. Each November legacies signed up through the Legacy Link will receive a small gift from the national organization. 

Thank you for signing up for the legacy program. At this time we will continue to add sign-ups to the program, but will be pausing on sending gifts until the program can be re-imagined. If you have questions please contact Sarah Eller, director of alumnae engagement, at


Frequently Asked Questions
I signed my legacy up for the Legacy Link, now what?

You should receive an acknowledgement about the sign-up.

Is there a cut-off date for signing up my Legacy?

You can continue signing up your legacies at any time. However, to receive the Legacy Link gift for the year, you must sign up prior to August 17, 2020. Any sign-ups past this date will have to wait for the 2021 Legacy Link gift.

Is there an age limit for the Legacy Link program?

The legacy must be 16 years old or younger to participate in the Legacy Link program.

My legacy is over the age of 16, now what?

We encourage you to complete a recruitment introduction form (RIF) prior to her participation in Panhellenic recruitment. Recruitment introduction forms can also be submitted if the legacy is participating in continuous opening bidding (COB).

Does being a legacy or a part of the Legacy Link program, guarantee a bid for membership?

When the chapter is determining whom they wish to pledge, the chapter shall give careful consideration to legacies. While Sigma Kappa strongly encourages chapters to invite legacies to join our membership, legacy status or participation in the Legacy Link program does not guarantee membership and chapters are not required to pledge legacies.

Why do I need to share my legacy's mailing address?

It's a double check point to make sure we have the correct address to send the gift to each year. Many legacies don't live with the Sigma Kappa member.

Will my legacy's information be shared with anyone else?

Sigma Kappa Sorority will not share your legacy's personal information with any third party.

When does my legacy receive her small gift?

In the fall, typically November. If your legacy hasn't received her gift by December 1, please contact

Will I get a reminder that my legacy is receiving a gift and enrolled?

About a month prior to the gift being sent, you will receive a reminder and an opportunity to confirm your legacy's mailing address. You also can opt your legacy out of this program annually with this communication each year.

My legacy is no longer interested in being apart of the Legacy Link, can she unsubscribe?

Yes! This is an "opt-in" program. Every fall with the gift, the legacy will be given the opportunity to opt-out of the program. You also have the option to opt-out your legacy each year as well.

What if my legacy is a double legacy, will she get two gifts?

No, each legacy will receive one gift.

My legacy didn't receive her gift. Who do I contact?

If your legacy hasn't received her gift by December 1, please contact

What types of gifts will my legacy receive? Can I purchase one too?

Gifts will be age appropriate to the legacy, examples could be Sigma Kappa stickers, coloring books, STEM activities. Legacy gifts are not for purchase.


Where can I see if my legacy has been signed up?

You can view the legacies you have in the Legacy Link program by logging into your Sigma Kappa profile. Click the Legacy Link tab and you should see the legacies you signed up. Please allow up to 1 week for your legacy to show up on the Legacy Link tab.


What if I haven't updated my information in a long time?

We are happy to update your information for you. To make sure we can find you in our database, please list all names you would have been initiated under (legal first name, maiden name, etc).

Member Information



Legacy Information

Sigma Kappa would like to send your legacy a gift.

By submitting your legacy’s information, you give Sigma Kappa Sorority authorization to contact your legacy relative on an annual basis to provide information about Sigma Kappa and Panhellenic recruitment.  Sigma Kappa Sorority will not provide your legacy relative’s personal information with any third party.  Sigma Kappa Sorority will contact you as our member to confirm this authorization annually.

Please allow up to 1 week for your legacy to show up on your profile.