Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation

Founded during the 1993-94 academic year with a bold vision to enrich the collegiate experience, the Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation (NHC) provides operational support, financial management services, and financing to local house corporations and facility committees in the management of their properties. A majority of Sigma Kappa’s local house corporations and all of the facility committees participate in the NHC.


The mission of the Sigma Kappa National Housing Corporation is to foster safe, attractive, and relevant living and learning environments by providing operational support, financial management services, and financing to local house corporations and facility committees.


By investing in our mission, values,and volunteers, we will enrich the Sigma Kappa experience


The NHC’s efforts are guided by four key values that are purposefully incorporated into our work: 

Fiscal Responsibility

By providing financial services including the invoicing and collection of housing-related fees, accounts payable, payroll, financial reporting, tax reporting, and auditing for local house corporations, we ensure that the funds collected from members are stewarded in a responsible manner following Sorority national policies and federal/state regulations. 



Through collaboration with each Sigma Kappa entity, corporation and advisory boards and friends of Sigma Kappa, we will positively impact the member housing experience. 


Diversity of Talent

Our team is comprised of both paid staff members and volunteers who have expertise in areas such as accounting, property management, architecture, interior design, safety and security, board governance, fund development, human resources, real estate, and more so that we are able to provide comprehensive support and services.



All of us involved with the NHC are dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service to our local house corporations, facility committees, collegiate members and their parents, house directors, vendors, and other stakeholders. We also recognize and value the commitment and hundreds of hours of service donated by our team of alumnae volunteers.


Safe & Attractive Accommodations

Through a strong partnership with our insurance provider, we are able to provide outstanding coverage as well as relevant risk management and safety information to local corporations, who then work diligently to ensure that the facilities meet local fire and safety regulations and adhere to university housing requirements. The NHC also provides resources, expert technical assistance, and financing so that local house corporations and facilty committees can maintain a facility that is beautiful and comfortable for the collegiate members.

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HOMES Program

Through the Housing Operations, Management, and Employee Services Program (HOMES), paid staff members of the NHC provide all of the management functions for the local chapter house. HOMES is a bold new model developed by the NHC in 2015 in response to requests from local chapters and house corporations and is one of several such programs being implemented by national sororities/fraternities to ensure consistent and professional management of Greek chapter housing.

In order to become a participant in the HOMES program, members of the local house corporation vote to delegate all authority and oversight for the property to the NHC. A local decorating committee remains in place, however, to provide input on necessary improvements and renovations to the chapter house. The house director and other staff members at the chapter house become employees of the NHC.

The following Sigma Kappa local house corporations participate in the HOMES program:

  • Tau, Indiana University 
  • Phi, University of Rhode Island 
  • Upsilon, Oregon State University
  • Alpha Epsilon, Iowa State University 
  • Alpha Omega, University of Alabama
  • Alpha Phi, University of Oregon
  • Beta Upsilon, Ohio University 
  • Beta Zeta, University of Maryland
  • Delta Delta, Central Michigan University
  • Gamma Beta, Western Michigan University
  • Gamma Kappa, Southern Illinois University
  • Theta Delta, University of Delaware
  • Zeta Omicron, University of Arizona


Member/Parent FAQ
What are the housing-related fees that are paid by collegiate members of Sigma Kappa?

 In addition to chapter dues and fees, each collegiate member of Sigma Kappa is also responsible for paying housing-related fees that are set by the local house corporation or decorating committee. Common housing fees include: 

  • Housing and Furnishing Fee – A flat-rate fee paid by each member during her first year of membership that is placed in a restricted fund to be used for capital improvements to the property. Some chapters may split this fee into installments. The range is generally $100-$400, depending on the size and age of the property.
  • Parlor Fee – A fee paid each semester by non-residents of the house that is designated for general operating expenses of the chapter house. The Parlor Fee may also include a meal plan of some type if one is offered by the local house corporation.
  • Room and Board – The fees paid by residents of the house that is designated for general operating expenses of the chapter house and a defined number of meals per week (if meals are provided).
  • Meal Plan Fees – Some house corporations offer a separate meal plan, or plans, for non-residents and members will be charged based on the plan that is selected.
  • Parking Fee – Some house corporations will have a separate fee for a designated parking space at the chapter house.
  • Financial Services Fee – A per member fee that is paid to the NHC to cover the financial services that are provided for the local house corporation. Some house corporations include this in the Parlor Fee and Room & Board Fees, thus do not charge separately for it.


How are housing fee payments invoiced and paid?

For house corporations that participate in the NHC, housing fees are invoiced monthly through the Billhighway online payment platform along with the monthly collegiate chapter fees. Invoices are available the 1st of each month and are due by the 26th of that month to avoid late fees and automatic financial suspension.  Members should make payments online through their Billhighway account.

Invoicing and payment systems for non-NHC corporations will vary by chapter. Please check with the local house corporation for more information.


Who is responsible for managing the local chapter house or suite?

In situations where the facility is owned by a local house corporation, overall responsibility for managing the property lies with the board of directors for the local house corporation, often referred to as the “corporation board” or “house corps.”

Depending on the size of the facility and the number of services offered to chapter members, the corporation board may hire a number of staff members to supervise and/or provide services. These may include:

  • House director – Historically called “house moms,” the house director is usually a professional on-site property manager who oversees the maintenance of the property and hires/supervises all other staff members. The house director is employed by, and reports to, the corporation board – not the chapter or its officers.
  • Chef/Head Cook and kitchen staff
  • Housekeeper
  • Landscaper/gardener

Where the property is university-owned, the decorating committee is responsible for the management of the house or suite. In these situations, there is not a professional staff in place as services are provided by the university.

In addition, each chapter elects or appoints a house manager who serves as the liaison to the corporation board or decorating committee, coordinates with the house director to plan for the chapter’s needs related to the house, and works with other officers to ensure that chapter members follow safety and other house rules. Along with either the chapter president or vice president of finance, the house manager serves as one of two collegiate voting members on the corporation board.


What is the NHC’s relationship with, or authority over, the local house corporation?

Where there is a local house corporation in place that is a participant in the NHC, the NHC is a financial services provider that acts only at the direction of the local corporation board. Decision-making including the setting of fees and invoicing schedules, hiring and supervision of staff, property maintenance and remodeling, and house rules are set by the local corporation board.

In addition to financial services, the NHC provides to participating corporations a comprehensive offering of resources, expert technical assistance, educational opportunities, and project financing to assist them in meeting the benchmarks defined in the Keys to Housing Excellence (hyperlink). However, the local corporation is not required to take advantage of these resources.

For participants in the NHC’s HOMES program (hyperlink), the local house corporation has delegated all operational authority, property management, and staff hiring/supervision to the NHC. Paid staff members of the NHC manage the property and the NHC board of directors provides oversight.

For local house corporations that have not chosen to participate in the NHC, the local corporation board is responsible for all operations and management of the property, including financial services. These corporations receive support and guidance from the Sorority’s housing team of national officers.


How are members selected to live in the house?

Sigma Kappa Sorority’s national policy states that “all members shall live in the house when there is space available.” Since most chapter houses do not have the capacity to house all of the chapter members, each chapter is responsible for determining the method by which they will select members to live in the house. The procedure is generally outlined in the chapter’s Code of Conduct. For questions about your chapter’s expectations regarding living in the house, contact the chapter’s president or house manager.


How and when are housing agreements (room and board contracts) distributed?

Once the chapter notifies the corporation board regarding who will live in the house the following academic year, housing agreements are sent to those members for she and a parent to review and sign. A number of corporation boards manage this process using an online platform for e-signatures.

The process usually takes place November through January and generally occurs prior to the timeframe in which students secure contracts for other off-campus housing so that those who are not selected or required to live in the house have the option to find other housing in the campus community. 

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Housing Awards

It is the goal of the National Housing Corporation and Sorority housing team that each local corporation board provides a quality living experience for its chapter members. This goal can only be reached if each corporation board’s performance is outstanding. We have developed the Award of Excellence to track the activities that are necessary and desired in order to achieve such a high standard.

The criteria for the Award of Excellence align with the mission and values of the National Housing Corporation.

  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Safe & attractive accommodations
  • Volunteer participation and development
  • Communication

The Award of Excellence has three point levels – gold, silver, and bronze - and is assessed on a matrix tool similar to that for the collegiate Standards of Excellence. In order to be eligible for an award, there are also several minimum requirements that must be met.

The following awards were presented in June 2018 at Sigma Kappa's 88th national convention in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida.


Barbara Fenters Outstanding Corporation Board Award The Barbara Fenters Outstanding Corporation Board award pays tribute to one of the leading founders of the National Housing Corporation and honors the one corporation board that best exemplifies the mission, vision, and values of the National Housing Corporation. 
Gold Level The Gold Level award is presented to corporation boards who met both the minimum requirements and achieved over 90% of the award criteria.
Silver Level The Silver Level award is presented to corporation boards who met both the minimum requirements and achieved 80-89% of the award criteria.
Bronze Level The Bronze Level award is presented to corporation boards who met both the minimum requirements and achieved 70-79% of the award criteria.