Thank you for your assistance in identifying a potential honor initiate to become a member of Sigma Kappa at our 2018 national convention in Ponte Vedra, Florida. In the past, we have initiated Alzheimer’s scientists, professional athletes, and distinguished student affairs professionals, among other highly accomplished women. Past honor initiates have included scientists, senators, political and social activists, and athletes.



National Policy Handbook III.A (Honor Initiate Policy) provides:

Prospective honor initiates are those women chosen and approved by the national council to become members of Sigma Kappa Sorority. The qualifications of an honor initiate are:

  1. To be a woman who has received distinction in her community, and whose membership will add distinction to our organization.
  2. To have demonstrated her interest in Sigma Kappa.”


Please note, if a woman is already a member of another National Panhellenic Conference organization, she cannot become a member of Sigma Kappa.  

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Potential Honor Initiate Information

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