Scholarships & Grants


Academic Scholarships

Applications accepted December 1 – February 10 


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Sigma Kappa Foundation is pleased to offer scholarships for academic expenses to both undergraduate and graduate students.  Last year, 83 scholarships were provided by the Foundation to encourage and support the scholastic development of our collegiate and alumnae sisters. Since 1989, Sigma Kappa members have been awarded more than $1.65 million in scholarships.  While many are designated for members of specific chapters, more than 20 are available to members at large. Scholarships are made possible by our generous donors.

  • Sigma Kappa members, both collegiate and alumnae, in good standing with the organization, as well as, new members provided they are initiated and in good standing by April 1,2021.

  • Member is pursuing undergraduate or graduate degree

  • In addition to general eligibility guidelines, many scholarships are designated with specific qualification criteria.  For further details, please see our Scholarship List and FAQ.


December 1 – February 10 – Applications accepted

February - March – Scholarship committee reviews applications

April – Board of Trustees reviews and approves scholarship awards

Mid-April – Applicants are notified of status

June 30 – Scholarship checks are distributed directly to recipients’ college or university


2021-2022 Scholarship List PDF
Scholarship FAQs PDF
2020-2021 Scholarship Recipients PDF


Individual Grants

For COVID-19 related grant requests, please apply through Alumnae Heart Fund and Collegiate Emergency Grant applications

Open application all year-round

Alumnae Heart Fund

Apply for an Alumnae Heart Fund Grant

This charitable program is designed to provide assistance to alumnae who find themselves facing financial distress, emergency or crisis through aging, medical, natural disaster, or other severe personal or family problems.

During convention 2012, the Sigma Kappa Foundation announced that thanks to a recent bequest, the endowment requirement for the Alumnae Heart Fund has been met and emergency grants may now be awarded.  

 Collegiate Emergency Grant

Apply for a Collegiate Emergency Grant

The purpose of the Collegiate Emergency Grant is to provide emergency grants to aid truly needy collegiate members in good standing, who find themselves in financial distress, due to unforeseen life-changing circumstances. The amount and number of grants made will depend on the availability of funds and the need of each applicant. Grants from this program are restricted in their use to payment for tuition and books, rent and housing related expenses, personal medical bills, replacement of personal items, and other critical needs to help keep the member in school or to overcome personal loss of property.


Note: The Foundation is unable to provide grants for dues, per the Internal Revenue Service, as dues are not considered a basic necessity nor an educational expense, and, as a result, we cannot use tax deductible contributions for this purpose.


Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Fund

Apply for a Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Grant

The Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Fund assists alumnae and collegiate members of Sigma Kappa who find themselves in financial distress due to the occurrence of a Presidentially declared major disaster or emergency. Grant applications for the Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Fund can be accepted for up to six months following the Presidential declaration. This grant is funded by member donations and contributions are accepted at any time.

In response to the back-to-back hurricanes that ravaged the Gulf Coast in late summer 2005, the Sigma Kappa Foundation established the Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery Fund. The fund provided a means for helping hurricane victims as well as setting a framework through which to assist future disaster victims.



Leadership Grants

Applications accepted February 1 – March  1

Sigma Kappa Foundation offers grants for Sigma Kappa members to attend UIFI and AFLV LeaderShape Institute. While attending UIFI and LeaderShape conferences, participants can enhance their leadership potential, foster personal growth and gain skills to positively impact their chapters and fraternity/sorority communities. These grants are made possible by collegiate membership in the 1874 Giving Circle.

  • Sigma Kappa members in good standing with the organization
  • Leaders and future leaders within the chapter and fraternity/sorority communities.

February 1 – March 1 – Applications accepted

March –  Committee reviews applications

Late March – Applicants are notified of status

Undergraduate Interfraternity Institute

UIFI is a five day institute that brings together fraternity men and sorority women from across North America to create opportunities to explore, define, and enhance their leadership skills, personal awareness, commitment to their fraternity or sorority, and grow to expect values based action from themselves and those they lead. 

At UIFI, you will be given the skills to improve your own leadership abilities and positively affect your chapter, council, and community. Click here for more information about UIFI.

AFLV LeaderShape Institute

The Institute is a program provided in partnership LeaderShape and Association of Fraternal Leadership & Values (AFLV). This program challenges participants to lead with integrity while working toward a vision grounded in their deepest values. Participants explore not only what they want to do, but who they want to be.  AFLV sessions of the Institute will bring together fraternity/sorority leaders from across North America to explore important personal and community-focused experiences through the lens of shared fraternal values.  Click here for more information about AFLV LeaderShape Institute.



Chapter Grants

1874 Giving Circle Grant

2020 was a challenging year for all of us!  Many nonprofits, like Sigma Kappa Foundation, have had to make difficult decisions in what programs are the most needed and what programs need to be temporarily suspended. In 2020, gifts from collegians to the 1874 Giving Circle were down significantly and we understand. Giving Circle gifts support two key programs: the collegiate emergency grants and the 1874 Giving Circle grants. Due to limited funds, awarding Collegiate Emergency Grants to sisters in crisis from Giving Circle funds has been prioritized and no 1874 Giving Circle Grants will be awarded in 2021. 

Typically, Sigma Kappa Chapters that reach 50% membership in the 1874 Giving Circle during the calendar year are eligible to apply for grants to implement educational or charitable projects that will benefit their chapter, campus and community.

Projects must be philanthropic, service-oriented or educational in nature, and must meet IRS requirements; they should aim to put the mission of the Sigma Kappa Foundation to work within the chapter, campus or local community.


1874 Giving Circle Grant Timeline

February – Eligible chapters notified and grant application opens

April  – Grant applications due
              Grant applicant finalists announced
              Grant voting 

May – Grant winners announced

August/September – Funds dispersed

Fall semester – Chapters execute grant projects

December – Final grant project report due