Fundraising and the Sigma Kappa Foundation


Ultra Violet Events

Sigma Kappa collegiate and alumnae chapters host Ultra Violet events to support the Sigma Kappa Foundation PULSE Fund (unrestricted annual fund). Ultra Violet programs can be any type of fundraising event that meets the needs of the chapter and campus community. Chapters have hosted competitive games, galas, auctions, raffles and more!


Restricted Giving

Restricted giving identifies specifically how funds must be used.  Restricted gifts are often designated for Sigma Kappa philanthropies: The Maine Seacoast Mission, Alzheimer's disease research, and gerontology.  Restricted funds may also be designated to support a particular scholarship or grant.


1874 Giving Circle

Sigma Kappa collegiate chapters are wonderful supporters of the Sigma Kappa Foundation through the 1874 Giving Circle. A gift of $18.74 allows collegians the opportunity to vote how their dollars are spent to support chapter philanthropic projects.  This Giving Circle also supports leadership development conference scholarships and the Collegiate Emergency Grant which provides emergency grants to collegiate members in good standing, who find themselves in financial distress, due to unforeseen life-changing circumstances, and allows these members to stay enrolled in school. 


Walk to End Alzheimer’s--a Sigma Kappa partnership with the Alzheimer's Association

In addition to raising funds to support Sigma Kappa Sorority, the Sigma Kappa Foundation has a long-term partnership with the Alzheimer’s Association, and has become a leader in Alzheimer’s awareness. While funds raised by WALK teams go directly to the Alzheimer's Association, and do not support the work of the Sigma Kappa Foundation, our philanthropic goal is to eradicate Alzheimer's disease.  To that end, Sigma Kappa chapters throughout the country form teams and participate in their local Walk to End Alzheimer’s events. Since becoming a Platinum National Walk team in 2016, Sigma Kappa has consistently raised more than $1,000,000 annually.  In 2019, Sigma Kappa will become a Diamond Level National Walk Team, the highest level for a national team for the Alzheimer's Association. 



Resources and Documents



In addition to staff, the Sigma Kappa Foundation has dedicated volunteers whose goal is to help our members throughout the country.  Contact information for your district can be found in the members-only area of the Sigma Kappa Website.


Sigma Kappa Foundation provides handbooks and information for our chapter’s volunteer efforts. All materials can be found in the members-only area of the Sigma Kappa website in the VPPS officer resources.