The Sigma Kappa Foundation has launched a five-year, $5 million campaign that will build on our history of bringing women together to make a difference, position Sigma Kappa as a leader among sororities, and, at the same time, generate a major investment in our primary philanthropic focus: Alzheimer’s disease research.

Shared Hearts. New Heights. A Campaign for Sigma Kappa will transform our approach to our short-term objectives and build our endowment to support future initiatives. Your support will allow us to keep Sigma Kappa relevant in an ever-changing society and higher education environment. Your stretch gift will help us accomplish our goals in three areas…leadership, scholarships, and philanthropy, which are critically important to the future of our sorority and to the success of our women.

With your support, the Sigma Kappa Foundation can:

  • Strengthen and expand our leadership programming to provide collegians and alumnae with the skills that will help them be successful leaders on their campuses, in their workplaces, and in their communities
Investment: $3.25 million
  • Bolster scholarship support for Sigma Kappa members struggling with the cost of college
Investment: $750,000
  •  Dramatically increase Sigma Kappa’s philanthropic impact on the search for a cure for Alzheimer’s disease
Investment: $1 million – COMPLETED!



Investment: $3.25 million

Our current collegiate members encounter the same challenges we faced during our college years. However, the world they live in is very different, and that creates an additional set of challenges. Sexual assault is a national epidemic, and binge drinking is common on many college campuses.  Social media provides opportunities for cyber bullying.

Sigma Kappa can provide the tools that will help our collegiate sisters successfully navigate their often challenging undergraduate years. We need to make sure that all Sigma Kappa chapters have access to programming that will help their members develop leadership and life skills, become more confident women, and develop a stronger sense of what it means to live a life of purpose.



Investment: $750,000 

The growing cost of attending college is leaving many graduates with heavy debt burdens. The average indebtedness of students graduating from schools with Sigma Kappa chapters is more than $25,000. A high debt load can make it difficult for a recent graduate to buy a home, start a family, or open a business, limiting her options for years.

Sigma Kappa falls far below other national sororities in the amount of scholarship funding it provides to its members. We give fewer scholarships for smaller amounts than other sororities. Our average is less than $1,000 per scholarship, compared to a National Panhellenic Conference average of nearly $1,500. Simply put, we have not kept pace with the times or with our peers. It is time to change that!



Investment: $1 million – COMPLETED

Thank you to all the donors who helped Sigma Kappa fulfill its commitment to provide the lead gift of $1 million to the Alzheimer’s Association for the Women’s Research Initiative.