1874 Grant Recipients


Sigma Kappa chapters reaching 40% membership in the 1874 Giving Circle during the calendar year are eligible to apply for grants to implement educational or charitable projects that will benefit their chapter, campus and community. 

The Foundation is pleased to fund the following 1874 Grants for 2018. 


Alpha Delta, The University of Tennessee

Random Acts of Kindness

This project will allow the chapter to create a Week of Giving through special random acts of kindness. Chapter members will share positivity on campus and in the greater community.  They will pass out encouraging notes and snacks to students as they're walking to class, participate in a sisterhood service project, buy breakfast for the campus police and some of the health center staff, provide a small treat for the other Greek councils, and finally have staff appreciation. 


Beta Mu, Culver-Stockton College

Hannah’s Garden

This project will use grant funds to remodel a large garden in the middle of campus.  The garden will serve a dual purpose; it will be both a butterfly garden and a memorial garden, with a stone bench dedicated to a sister who passed in August of 2017.  This project addresses the environmental issue of the loss of native pollinators due to loss of native plant species. The garden would provide food and host plants for native butterflies and it will memorialize our Sigma Kappa sister. Sunflowers would be included in the planting as they were the sister's favorite flower.


Epsilon Epsilon, University of Georgia

Student Food Pantry Awareness 

This project is designed to assist the university student pantry by donating food for students in need and to advertise the student pantry to the student body. Student Pantry Awareness week is held in the fall and this donation will allow the organization to increase student participation in and knowledge of the program.  The pantry serves about 100 students per day, and also provides information about other resources offered on campus and in the community. 


Gamma Beta, Western Michigan University

Michigan Water Crisis Relief 

This chapter (located at a MI school) would love to host an event to collect water for families in Flint, MI.  The Flint water crisis continues to be a pressing issue. The current levels of lead within the city's water make it toxic and unusable for cooking or drinking. Many members of this chapter are from cities around Flint, so this issue resonates.  What they envision is hosting a tabling on campus to raise awareness of the Flint water crisis, and challenge those on campus to donate bottles of water; the chapter will then match the amount of water donated and deliver it to the United Way near Flint, to be distributed to victims of this crisis.


Gamma Delta, Thiel College

Tackling Literacy 

This project will allow the chapter to give a book to every student K-6 in their local school district.  There are nearly 1,350 students in the entire district; approximately 600-700 in K-6.  Making every child a lover of books can lead to a greater love for lifelong learning. Through this grant, Sigma Kappa sisters would be ensuring that every child has the opportunity to own their own book.  The District is pushing literacy to achieve greater learning outcomes down the road and to ensure every student will be able to function in the world as an adult. Through this project, the chapter would also be able to hold a book drive to benefit the elementary libraries. Completing this project will give the community a glimpse of the great work Sigma Kappa does. 


Gamma Kappa, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

Pay It Forward Week 

During the Pay It Forward Week, chapter members do random acts of kindness on campus and throughout the community. On campus, members will pay for people's lunches and coffees in the Student Center, set up a “Welcome Back to School” table with school supplies in the Student Center, and hand out highlighters to our members' favorite professors with a note that says, “thank you for being the highlight of my day.”  For the community, Sigma Kappa sisters will plant flowers at a nursing home, create “Back to School” baskets filled with school supplies for children at the masonic home, and make blankets for the local animal shelter.  The project will challenge those positively affected to pay it forward to others.


Gamma Phi, North Carolina State University

Bird Houses and Feeders

This project will allow the Chapter to hold a combined sisterhood/philanthropy event building and decorating bird houses and feeders to be hung outside of nursing home room windows. These will hopefully gather birds outside of the residents' windows to provide them with a pleasant view throughout the day. Sisters will personally deliver and hang the houses/feeders outside the windows. They will also make an event of the delivery and spend time with the residents while explaining the project. This will allow a connection with the elderly in our community. They hope this will help create a cozier more hospitable atmosphere for the residents.


Gamma Upsilon, California University of Pennsylvania

Maine Seacoast Mission

This project will allow women from the chapter to support the Maine Seacoast Mission.  Several women will take a road trip to Maine during the summer. As a service-oriented chapter, they are eager to provide labor and help complete projects for the Mission. Going to Maine would be a unique experience for chapter members and they would be able to help out in ways not possible by simply donating money.


Theta Eta, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Books with a Purpose

The project is to donate books and other school supplies to a low performing elementary school in the area, as well as to create a school community closet where students may get new/gently used clothes. The project will also provide breakfast and books at an event where sisters sit down with students, read a book and have breakfast with them. This encourages students to read more and become more excited for the school day. The chapter will not just donate the books, but will organize them in the library and decorate the room. Books and clothes will be collected through book drives on campus and throughout the community.


Theta Upsilon, Bowling Green State University

Fidget Blankets

This chapter’s project is to make fidget blankets and donate them to a nursing homes in their community.  A fidget blanket is made out of fabric and is the size of your lap; it includes different items to keep someone's hands busy in order to occupy their mind, like ribbons, snaps and buttons. These are useful to help with agitation and stress.  If there are extra, the chapter plans to also distribute these blankets to the other residents to help with their battle of dementia before it becomes worse.  


Zeta Mu, University of California, San Diego

Dancing with Sigmas at Senior Prom

This project focuses on Gerontology.  This chapter would like to hot a Senior Prom at a nursing home where one of their alumnae resides! The Senior Prom would consist of a night filled with food, music, bonding activities, and naming the prom king and queen.  It is important for people of all ages to have daily human interactions to live a happy and fulfilling life. Studies show that increasing care and communication above what nursing homes can provide is beneficial for all of the involved parties. 


Zeta Phi, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Maine Seacoast Mission Experience

This chapter would like to send sisters to Maine over the summer to perform service-related tasks for the Maine Seacoast Mission. The sisters would provide labor and home repair for those facing economic struggles in rural Maine. A significant amount of families depend on seasonal employment such as growing blueberries and fishing; therefore, a limited income is available to each family. The community that will benefit from this grant project are the families that live in the birthplace of Sigma Kappa.