Sigma Kappa Foundation 

The mission of the Sigma Kappa Foundation is to create and fund
leadership, scholarship and philanthropic initiatives that reflect the values
and spirit of Sigma Kappa Sorority.


The Foundation fulfills its mission through the support of five funding priorities, called PULSE. We have a powerful vision for our dynamic organization to remain that assures Sigma Kappa continues to grow, innovate and thrive. Simply stated, we must make the heart of our Sorority strong...strong enough to beat for generations to come. YOUR gifts to the PULSE Annual Fund provide ongoing support for leadership development, educational programming, grants, scholarships and vital funding for emerging needs and programs.

Since the inception of the Sigma Kappa Foundation, we have given:

• $2 million in grants for leadership and educational programming, reaching tens of thousands of members

• $1.65 million in scholarships and individual emergency grants, supporting more than 800 members

• $10 million for Alzheimer’s disease research and services

• $90,000 in grant support to the Maine Seacoast Mission since 2014


a strong pulse = a strong heart




Want to send a sister, family member or friend a quick thank you or recognize their special occasion?  Honor anyone who has an email address by donating $5 to the Foundation in their name.  Simply include the email address and your personalized message while making your donation, and the honoree will be sent an email recognizing their event or accolade.  DOVE LOVE is great for Valentine's Day, birthdays, initiation anniversaries, graduations, baby showers, new jobs, and more. Participate here 

Supporting Our Sisters Through Grants

The Foundation supports our sisters through the good times and bad. For those facing challenging times due to natural disasters, personal tragedies and illnesses, we provide relief through emergency grants.  During 2020, seven sisters received Alumnae Heart Fund grants, 18 undergraduate sisters received Collegiate Emergency grants, one member received a Sister to Sister Disaster Recovery grant, and one more sister was awarded the Barbara Denham Warren/Delta Upsilon grant totaling nearly $45,000 in emergency support.

ALZ Challenge Logo

In 2021, our collegiate members were given the opportunity to fund the Sigma Kappa Foundation’s $1 million grant to the Alzheimer’s Association supporting the U.S. POINTER study.  These dynamic young women are leading the way to a world without Alzheimer’s or any other dementia, and we commend their efforts!  In 2021, they raised $134,000 and are continuing the quest in 2022. The U.S. POINTER is ground breaking in that it isn’t researching pharmaceutical intervention; this two-year clinical trial evaluates whether adopting a healthy lifestyle delays or prevents the onset of Alzheimer’s in high risk populations. These lifestyle modifications include healthy diet, cognitive stimulation, physical exercise, sleep and self-monitoring of heart health risk factors. To learn more about the U.S. POINTER study, click here
If you would like to support Sigma Kappa's commitment by making a donation, click here.


18.48% Raised of our 100% Goal! Thermometer graphic showing a total number raised of $19,290 
Top Contributors using data from Jan 1 - May 31, 2022!



 District Total
    $$ Raised

Top Chapter  Per Capita
1 $7435.98 Lambda Eta $33.63
2 $2645.84 Gamma Epsilon
3 $11,494.88 Theta Alpha $71.08
4 $23615.99 Theta Phi $88.65
5 $1292.56 Delta Alpha $28.94
6 $22,424.66  Gamma Kappa $297.18
7 $4599.52 Delta Chi $25.25
8 $6798.13 Alpha Phi $21.24
Foundation FAQs
Is my gift tax-deductible? 

Yes, the Sigma Kappa Foundation is an IRS recognized 501(c)(3) charitable organization and all gifts are tax deductible in the U.S. to the full extent of the law. 

Can I make a tax-deductible gift directly to my chapter?

In order for the gift to be tax-deductible, the gift needs to be made directly to the Foundation. If your chapter has established a fund, you can contribute directly to that fund through the Foundation. If your chapter does not have a fund, we can help establish one. Chapter endowments can be used to provide:

  • Academic scholarships for chapter members
  • Funding for educational and leadership programming, such as regional leadership conferences and anti-hazing awareness workshops
For questions about giving online or mailing your gift to the Foundation, please contact Caren Chopp, Director of Operations. 


Phone: (317) 381-5531

Mailing address: Sigma Kappa Foundation, 695 Pro-Med Lane, Suite 300, Carmel, Indiana 46032