Membership Responsibilities


Scholarship Policies/Academics

Sigma Kappa recognizes that education is the primary purpose of the collegiate experience and strives to provide resources to all members in reaching their academic goals. Each Sigma Kappa chapter has an active scholarship program that provides motivation and assistance for each member to develop to her fullest academic potential and plan for a successful future.

Each collegiate chapter sets minimum scholastic standards for Initiation, to remain in good standing, and for officer and big sister eligibility. The standard of performance set by the Sigma Kappa National Policy Handbook is the maintenance of an average chapter GPA of 3.0 or above the all-women’s average on that campus. Individual members must earn a minimum of a 2.5 GPA to remain in good standing, although each chapter has the ability to raise this minimum standard. If a member falls below this minimum, she is provided an Academic Assistance Plan with guidance from a member of the scholarship committee.

Housing Policies

Through membership in Sigma Kappa, many collegiate members have the opportunity to live in a chapter house, suite or dorm floor with other members of the organization. Sigma Kappa’s National Policy Handbook states that all chapter living spaces be in compliance with state and national laws, college/university regulations and Sigma Kappa’s National Policy Handbook. When a chapter has a living space, all collegiate members and new members should live in the space when there is space available. Members may petition to not reside in the living space and these exceptions are granted at the chapter level. Only current collegiate members of the chapter in good standing can reside in the chapter living space.


Financial Policies

Sigma Kappa Sorority is a not-for-profit corporation and relies on the national fees from its members to finance yearly operating expenses and chapter services. Collegiate members support Sigma Kappa through their chapter dues, and alumnae members through annual dues paid to their local alumnae chapter. When any member is 30 days in arrears to the chapter or the corporation board, she shall be automatically suspended. Failure to fulfill her financial obligations by the agreed upon date in her suspension shall result in financial expulsion from the chapter.

Risk Management

Sigma Kappa has a number of policies designed to reduce the potential for harm to our members and to address situations where issues have occurred. Sigma Kappa acknowledges that our members have many opportunities for social development during their collegiate experience and that some of those experiences could considered risky for the members or others. Sigma Kappa expects that all members will follow Sigma Kappa policy, college/university policy, and all local, state and federal laws. The Sorority expects her members will make informed, reasonable, and responsible choices regarding their personal safety. Our policies include detailed information about risk incidents, hazing, social events, transportation, and practices for self-governance.  



Sigma Kappa values individuality and diversity in her membership. In our membership selection practices, we recognize the importance of each individual member within an atmosphere of care, respect, and tolerance.  Individuals who consistently live and identify as women may be considered for membership.