Volunteering at a local or national level is a great way to give back to Sigma Kappa!

Once you have updated your Volunteer Interest Form, you will receive a confirmation email within one to three days from Daina Knoblock, director of volunteer engagement. The information in your interest form will be shared with members of the personnel committee and interview team. For more information on how to get started click here!



Volunteer with Sigma Kappa

Engaged volunteers share their time to lead Sigma Kappa, regardless of age, location and ability. Their leadership gives members the opportunity to practice and grow their skills, while contributing to our collective success. Join this network and help support our sisterhood.   




Volunteer Directors: 2022-2024

We are excited to introduce our volunteer director team that will help support and lead Sigma Kappa from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2023.

Director of Alumnae Experience Destiny Brown, Gamma Lambda
Director of Alumnae Chapter Management  Bobbi Wilson, Gamma Gamma
Director of Collegiate/Alumnae Relations Amy Phillips, Zeta Phi
Director of Volunteer Training Bri McKay, Kappa Eta 
Alumnae District Director 1 Amy Sutton, Beta Eta
Alumnae District Director 2 Laura Turner, Epsilon Zeta
Alumnae District Director 3 Michelle Bombaugh, Lambda Zeta
Alumnae District Director 4 Julie Mitchell, Omega
Alumnae District Director 5 Jennie Holt, Alpha Theta
Alumnae District Director 6 Allison Evans, Theta Beta
Alumnae District Director 7 Sarah Monson, Theta Omicron
Alumnae District Director 8 Christina Daubeneck, Epsilon Lambda
Collegiate District Director 1 Alyssa Nally, Epsilon Eta
Collegiate District Director 2 Casey Gentry, Epsilon Mu 
Collegiate District Director 3 Jessica Deters, Zeta Pi
Collegiate District Director 4 Anne Machowski, Kappa Zeta
Collegiate District Director 5 Dana Finley, Delta
Collegiate District Director 6 Emma Walls, Theta Omicron
Collegiate District Director 7 Lisa Noll, Zeta Mu
Collegiate District Director 8 Lola Rojas, Epsilon Lambda
Collegiate District Director - Specialized Chapters Kendall Foley, Epsilon Mu 
Collegiate District Director - New Chapters Molly Kenney Maddox, Delta Upsilon
Director Collegiate Chapter Management  Jen Stevenson, Theta Psi
Director Collegiate Chapter Management  Kristin Gustke, Delta Alpha
Director Collegiate Management Training Jessica Hornbrook, Alpha Gamma
Director of PR & Communication Jessica Roswell, Epsilon Lambda
Director of Chapter Finance Nancy Tomazin, Tau
Director of Housing Partnerships Madison Clark, Theta Xi 
Director of Sorority Housing Rachel Phelps, Gamma Pi
Director of Panhellenic Operations  Moira Bushell, Theta
Director of Panhellenic Operations  Megan Hessee, Zeta Pi
Director of Panhellenic Operations  Stacy McDonald, Theta Iota
Director of Panhellenic Operations  Jennifer Leung, Beta Chi
Director of Panhellenic Management Jen Hohman, Delta Iota
Director of Collegiate Programming - New Member Melissa Stanton, Theta Iota
Director of Collegiate Programming - Member Experience  Jennifer Bell, Delta Nu
Director of Recruitment  Shannon Barry, Mu
Director of Recruitment  Katie Schiermeyer, Gamma Lambda
Director of Recruitment Volunteer Training Tricia Hall, Gamma Gamma
Director of New/Specialized Recruitment  Courtney Hannah, Beta Tau
Director of COB  Emily Sharp, Gamma Lambda
Director of Harm Reduction  Samantha Zehngut, Gamma Theta
Director of Risk Management Programming Hailey Flavin, Phi
Director of Ritual Laurie Crouse, Alpha Iota
Director of Strategic Priorities Jaime Riley, Zeta Upsilon 
Volunteer Coordinators: 2022
Alumnae Experience Coordinator Heather Corbitt, Beta Tau
Chapter Coordinator -CAP Abby Held, Gamma Eta
Chapter Coordinator -CAP Beta Upsilon Samantha Tiller-Schenck, Beta Upsilon
Chapter Coordinator -CAP Kappa Omicron Brieanna Bookter, Lambda Eta
Chapter Coordinator -CAP Theta Tau Ja'Shonae Cooks, Delta Eta
Chapter Coordinator -CAP Madison White, Kappa Eta
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 1 Kacey Bennett, Zeta Pi
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 2 Amanda Walck, Theta Theta
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 3 Nicole Mayne, Theta Phi
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 4 Vacant
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 5 Cassy Bajek, Gamma Eta
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 6 Rachel Northup, Beta Eta
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 7 Lauren Sheely, Zeta Omicron
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator 8 Tabitha Miller, Lambda
Collegiate Volunteer Training Coordinator  - CAP  Ashley Rademacher, Kappa Rho
Alumnae Finance Coordinator Rebecca Flanagan, Alpha Gamma
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 1  Gabi Medeiros, Delta
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 2 Christine Crigler, Epsilon Delta
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 3 Amanda Deconciliis, Kappa Mu
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 4 Sarah MacKenzie, Epsilon Zeta
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 5 Ashton Keller, Kappa Eta
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 6 Rhonda Stone-Lorenz, Delta Alpha
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 7 Jackie Swartz, Lambda Theta
Collegiate Finance Coordinator 8 Karen Parnell, Lambda
Collegiate Finance Coordinator CAP Suzanne Braun, Beta Chi
Sorority Housing Coordinator 1 Stephanie Horton, Delta Nu
Sorority Housing Coordinator 2 Bonnie Lawrence, Theta
Panhellenic Coordinator 1 Amy Gallagher, Beta Eta
Panhellenic Coordinator 3 Maggie Darden, Gamma Lambda
Panhellenic Coordinator 4 Brooke Scogin, Kappa Eta
Panhellenic Coordinator 6 Molly Beck, Delta Upsilon
Panhellenic Coordinator 8 Liz Luneza, Theta Eta
Creative Team Coordinator Cassie Little, Theta Omicron
Creative Team Coordinator Lindsey Schubert, Beta Omega
Programming Coordinator - New Member  1 Carrie Dugan, Theta Alpha
Programming Coordinator - New Member  2 Sabrina Tishko, Kappa Mu
Programming Coordinator - New Member  3 Margaret O'Meara, Epsilon Chi
Programming Coordinator - New Member  4 Michelle McDaniel, Delta Nu
Programming Coordinator - New Member  5 Jessica Pringle, Beta Theta
Programming Coordinator - New Member  6 Shelby Allen, Delta Chi
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 1  Kelly Porter, Kappa Iota
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 3 Alison Kiser, Gamma Eta
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 4 Melanie DiStefano, Phi
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 5 Marissa Thomas, Eta
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 6 Kristen Webster, Kappa Psi
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 7 Amanda Brown, Alpha Gamma
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience 8 Jessica Cunningham, Epsilon Tau
Programming Coordinator - New Member CAP Laura Miller, Theta Mu
Programming Coordinator - Member Experience CAP Meaghan Lynch, Delta Alpha
Recruitment Coordinator 1 Victoria Pekarek, Tau
Recruitment Coordinator 3 Cecilia Laland, Alpha Epsilon
Recruitment Coordinator 4 Ashley Ernst, Beta Tau
Recruitment Coordinator 5 Morgan Chaney, Epsilon Mu
Recruitment Coordinator 6 Kelly Esperias, Zeta Upsilon
Recruitment Coordinator 7 Marissa Law, Zeta Omicron
Recruitment Coordinator 8 Lauren Crumbaker, Theta Beta
Recruitment Coordinator - CAP (below)   
Alpha Epsilon Valerie Vreeland, Gamma Phi
Beta Zeta Christina Parle, Delta Eta
Kappa Omicron Amber Goemaat, Alpha Phi
Alpha Omega Allison Sherril, Epsilon Epsilon
Kappa Gamma Tori Howard, Beta Theta
Lambda Kappa Rachel DiDonna, Beta Zeta
Theta Tau Dale Miller, Beta Tau
Risk Management Coordinator 1 Kaitlyn Wender, Theta Omicron
Risk Management Coordinator 2 Megan Rasp, Kappa Beta
Risk Management Coordinator 3 Chelsea Fancher, Epsilon Zeta
Risk Management Coordinator 4 Autumn Breeden, Kappa Pi
Risk Management Coordinator 5 Morgan Stone, Epsilon Zeta
Risk Management Coordinator 6 Bee Army, Theta Theta
Risk Management Coordinator 7 Kimberly Blanchard, Theta Psi
Risk Management Coordinator 8 Sara Hudson, Alpha Gamma
Risk Mangement Coordinator CAP Brigette Spence, Epsilon Tau
Advisory Council


Name, Chapter

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Advisory Council

Anna Rich, Theta Upsilon

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Advisory Council

Katy Yoakum, Gamma Gamma

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Advisory Council

Megan Mattei, Alpha Omega

Collegiate Alumnae Relations Advisory Council

Peyton Nichols, Delta Nu

Collegiate Public Relations Advisory Council

Abby Jones, Alpha Epsilon

Collegiate Public Relations Advisory Council

Anna Cornog, Delta Pi

Collegiate Public Relations Advisory Council

Barrie Skalsky, Lambda Delta

Collegiate Public Relations Advisory Council

Brianna Taggart, Kappa Pi

Collegiate Public Relations Advisory Council

Hannah Minasian, Tau

Risk Management Facilitation Team

Hollie Geyer-Rasnick, Zeta Psi

Ritual Advisory Council

Annie Cacheiro, Gamma Lambda

Ritual Advisory Council

Deb Barber, Beta Psi

Ritual Advisory Council

Paige Shreve, Xi

Ritual Advisory Council

Whitney McKay, Kappa Psi

Editorial Board


Name, Chapter

Editorial Assistant

Kira Rysiewicz, Beta Nu

Editorial Assistant

Kristin Danley-Greiner, Alpha Epsilon

Features Editor

Christy Neilson, Xi

Features Editor

Kathleen Sturgeon, Kappa Tau

Features Editor

Susan Hadden, Epsilon Epsilon

Triangle Alumnae Editor

Anne Taul, Epsilon Kappa

Triangle Collegiate Editor

Madison Cook, Theta Chi

Finance Committees


Name, Chapter

Audit Committee

Cari White, Beta Zeta

Audit Committee

Jennifer Fitts, Omega

Finance Committee

Erika Steinhauer, Alpha Omega

Finance Committee

Tanya Chen, Lambda Delta

Investment Committee

Jennifer Sanwald, Delta Theta

Support Collegiate Members 

Advisory board members support chapter operations by mentoring young women, guiding the functions of a specific area and holding institutional knowledge that strengthens the chapter's future. Recruitment supervisors focus specifically on chapter recruitment and growth efforts. 

Provide a Home Away From Home

Chapter corporation boards and facilities committees ensure the safety and well-being of Sigma Kappa collegians by maintaining housing facilities. They oversee the maintenance of a chapter house and handle financial and legal matters related to the property, including hiring of housing staff.

Ensure Our Future

Sigma Kappa Foundation Trustees and committee members guide the work of our Foundation, supporting our Sorority and helping to ensure the future of our sisterhood. To learn more about Foundation volunteer roles, click here

Lead on a National Level

National officers are appointed by national council to serve in a capacity of roles. To see if a full list of national officer positions and job descriptions, visit the members only side under Volunteers.

Live with Heart Facilitator Team

Our LWHF team is a unique short-term opportunity for skilled alumnae with expertise in engaging in facilitation and communication with college-aged learners. To learn more, click here 

The Gift of Limited Time

Short-term volunteer opportunities, such as task forces, committees, and workgroups, are appointed by national council. These opportunities are typically driven by the strategic plan and needs/business of the organization. To learn more about upcoming and ongoing opportunities click here. 


1. Do I need any particular experience to serve?

  • For volunteer roles such as advisory boards, chapter corporation boards, and various committees, no particular Sigma Kappa experience is required. We are looking for women with time, energy, and a passion for Sigma Kappa! We provide training throughout the volunteer experience to make sure you feel comfortable and successful in your role.

2. What are the specific requirements to become a national officer?

  • While not required, it is encouraged that national officers have two years of organizational experience. This provides the organizational knowledge and context needed for various roles. 

3. How much time is required as a volunteer?

  • Sigma Kappa respects our members and the busy lives they lead. The time commitment depends on the role, the scope of work and what a volunteer's individual schedule will allow. Communication is key to managing time and work effectively. 

4. How will I be supported as a volunteer?

  • Every Sigma Kappa role is supported by fellow sisters volunteering their time as well. Aside from having a support network through your volunteer team, we share important information through The SKoop, our monthly newsletter for collegiate and national officers; provide training through the Learning Center, our online training platform; and host virtual and in-person training throughout the year and biennially at convention. 

5. What kind of travel commitment is expected?

  • Many local volunteers live near the chapter they serve, but some volunteers serve remotely as well. Travel depends on the role you hold and what's needed for that position.

6. What kind of remote opportunities are available?

  • More and more volunteer roles have a remote/virtual opportunity. In fact, many can be conducted 100 percent virtually. 

7. What's micro-volunteering?

  • Micro-volunteering describes a volunteer, or team of volunteers, completing small tasks that make up a larger project. 

8. What if I have more questions?