Volunteering at a local or national level is a great way to give back to Sigma Kappa!

Once you have updated your Volunteer Interest Form, you will receive a confirmation email within one to three days from Daina Knoblock, alumnae engagement manager. The confirmation email will include a pre-screen form. The pre-screen form is where you will indicate your specific interest for roles, share more about yourself and why you’re interested, and identify your preferences for scheduling interviews. The information will be shared with members of the personnel committee and interview team. For more information on how to get started click here!



Volunteer with Sigma Kappa

Engaged volunteers share their time to lead Sigma Kappa, regardless of age, location and ability. Their leadership gives members the opportunity to practice and grow their skills, while contributing to our collective success. Join this network and help support our sisterhood.   




You’ve applied, now what? 
  • All applications will be reviewed by Sigma Kappa’s newly appointed Personnel Committee. This committee of Human Resources, hiring and non-profit professionals will review all applications and set-up interviews for all qualified candidates.  
  • Interviews will take place for four weeks following the application deadlines. Each interview will have two members of the personnel committee and at least one subject matter expert from the team (i.e. communication, alumnae, etc.) and should last 20-30 minutes.  
  • If you are interested in applying for more than one position (which is great!), you will only need to participate in ONE interview. It will be recorded and can be reviewed by the Personnel Committee to appoint multiple roles, teams, etc.  
    • Director roles will be interviewed first, followed by coordinators and ABSs/ advisory councils  
      • If a member is not selected for a director position, they can be considered for a coordinator/ABS/advisory council and not need to interview again.   
  • After interviews have been completed for each segment of volunteers (directors, coordinators, ABS/advisory councils), the personnel committee will meet, review and send their recommendations to national council.  
  • National council will review the recommendations, vote on the appointments and then applicants will be notified.  
  • The goal is for ALL nationally appointed volunteers will be appointed by January 1, 2022. 

We are so excited to roll-out this new process to our members! If you have any questions, contact Daina Knoblock, alumnae engagement manager, at 


Support Collegiate Members 

Advisory board members support chapter operations by mentoring young women, guiding the functions of a specific area and holding institutional knowledge that strengthens the chapter's future. Recruitment supervisors focus specifically on chapter recruitment and growth efforts. 

Provide a Home Away From Home

Chapter corporation boards and facilities committees ensure the safety and well-being of Sigma Kappa collegians by maintaining housing facilities. They oversee the maintenance of a chapter house and handle financial and legal matters related to the property, including hiring of housing staff.

Ensure Our Future

Sigma Kappa Foundation Trustees and committee members guide the work of our Foundation, supporting our Sorority and helping to ensure the future of our sisterhood. To learn more about Foundation volunteer roles, click here

Lead on a National Level

National officers are appointed by national council to serve in a capacity of roles. To see if a full list of national officer positions and job descriptions, visit the members only side under Volunteers.

Live with Heart Facilitator Team

Our LWHF team is a unique short-term opportunity for skilled alumnae with expertise in engaging in facilitation and communication with college-aged learners. To learn more, click here 

The Gift of Limited Time

Short-term volunteer opportunities, such as task forces, committees, and workgroups, are appointed by national council. These opportunities are typically driven by the strategic plan and needs/business of the organization. To learn more about upcoming and ongoing opportunities click here. 


1. Do I need any particular experience to serve?

  • For volunteer roles such as advisory boards, chapter corporation boards, and various committees, no particular Sigma Kappa experience is required. We are looking for women with time, energy, and a passion for Sigma Kappa! We provide training throughout the volunteer experience to make sure you feel comfortable and successful in your role.

2. What are the specific requirements to become a national officer?

  • While not required, it is encouraged that national officers have two years of organizational experience. This provides the organizational knowledge and context needed for various roles. 

3. How much time is required as a volunteer?

  • Sigma Kappa respects our members and the busy lives they lead. The time commitment depends on the role, the scope of work and what a volunteer's individual schedule will allow. Communication is key to managing time and work effectively. 

4. How will I be supported as a volunteer?

  • Every Sigma Kappa role is supported by fellow sisters volunteering their time as well. Aside from having a support network through your volunteer team, we share important information through The SKoop, our monthly newsletter for collegiate and national officers; provide training through the Learning Center, our online training platform; and host virtual and in-person training throughout the year and biennially at convention. 

5. What kind of travel commitment is expected?

  • Many local volunteers live near the chapter they serve, but some volunteers serve remotely as well. Travel depends on the role you hold and what's needed for that position.

6. What kind of remote opportunities are available?

  • More and more volunteer roles have a remote/virtual opportunity. In fact, many can be conducted 100 percent virtually. 

7. What's micro-volunteering?

  • Micro-volunteering describes a volunteer, or team of volunteers, completing small tasks that make up a larger project. 

8. What if I have more questions?