Alumnae Initiate Program

The opportunity to join Sigma Kappa Sorority does not end in college. Our Sorority provides the Alumnae Initiate Program for women who do not hold membership in another National Panhellenic Conference sorority and are of good character, sharing the values of Sigma Kappa. Alumnae initiates will share in impacting our community, accessing our resources, and connecting to our network of sisters.


Alumnae Initiate Form


Frequently Asked Questions
I am interested or know of a woman interested in becoming an alumna initiate, what’s the process for membership?

Prospective alumnae initiates should complete the form below. This information goes to a staff member at NHQ who reviews and connects the prospective alumna initiate, if she already isn’t, with the local collegiate chapter and alumnae chapter in her area.


Alumnae Initiate Form

I’m a part of a collegiate chapter and have a recommendation for a prospective alumna initiate, what process should I follow to recommend her?

Prospective alumna initiates should complete the form above. Review the Alumnae Initiate Program FAQ located in the vice president of alumnae relations supplies.


What type of women are ideal alumnae initiates?

Potential alumnae initiates are all around you. They may be university faculty or staff, a friend from a business association or charity league, a family member, a personal friend, a distinguished leader in your community, or a co-worker. These women should have a desire to participate in alumnae life and commit to being lifetime members of Sigma Kappa.


Where are alumnae initiates initiated?

Alumnae initiates may be initiated into any collegiate chapter. Prospective alumnae initiates, once connected with a collegiate chapter, should work with the chapter leadership to identify when Initiation will occur. Click here to see a list of all open collegiate chapters. 


What are the requirements for membership?

All prospective alumnae initiates should have the recommendation of two Sigma Kappa initiated members. These members are encouraged to provide a one-page reference letter. The collegiate chapter must approve membership for the prospective alumna initiate by a two-thirds (2/3) affirmative secret written ballot vote from the Membership Selection Committee. All financial requirements must be fulfilled prior to initiation.


What are the financial requirements for membership?

The financial responsibility of the alumna initiate includes the alumnae initiation fee, the first year of alumnae national dues, and the purchase of a sorority badge. If the collegiate chapter plans on assisting with any of the fees, this needs to be communicated early on with the alumna initiate to avoid confusion. All fees must be submitted to NHQ prior to Initiation. If the fees are not submitted, the collegiate chapter will acquire the fees on their chapter statement.


Where can I send in payment? 

Payment can be sent in via check or called in over the phone to our finance team, 317-381-5517. We want your information safe!  You can request a secure online payment link can be sent to


What if I don’t have Sigma Kappa references yet? 

NHQ can connect you with alumnae in the area who can share with you more about Sigma Kappa and potentially become a reference. 


What if I know my Sigma Kappa references but don’t have the one-page reference letter yet? 

You can submit your Sigma Kappa references via the form below and then email the one-page reference letter to


Where can the one-page reference letter be sent to?

One-page reference letters can be sent to Paige Haas, alumnae engagement specialist, at


When is the deadline for alumnae initiation paperwork?

All alumnae initiate paperwork, including payment of fees, should be submitted no later than three (3) weeks prior to Initiation.