Lillian Peterson Budd Award

The Lillian Peterson Budd Award honors the chapter with the most outstanding gerontology program.  Recognizes one chapter and up to six honorable mentions (one from each district) for participation in both national and local gerontology activities during the calendar year. The award considers only those national and local gerontology projects dealing with service to the elderly and takes into consideration receipt of reports.


Kappa Beta, Grand Valley State University (District 4)

This year’s winning chapter has been working with one of their university nursing professors, who has been researching on Alzheimer's disease. Through this professor’s research, she has implemented the Music and Memory Program, a music related therapy program in local nursing homes. There are many different avenues that the chapter members can choose to become involved; direct volunteering, promoting awareness, collecting equipment, and investigating changes to the law. The chapter also received the 1874 Giving Circle Grant towards the Music and Memory Program to fund purchase of needed program equipment and assist with the building of the music library.


Honorable mention (up to six, one from each district):

Phi, University of Rhode Island (District 1)

Kappa Zeta, Elon University (District 2)

Gamma Lambda, East Tennessee State University (District 3)

Gamma Kappa, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (District 5)

Delta Theta, Truman State University (District 6)

Theta Eta, University of Nevada, Las Vegas (District 7)